Push Hard Multisport News for 06-24-2018

Fat Triathlete

I’ve thought about getting on here and blogging about my training for the past month, but WOW has it been a busy month. If spending extra time blogging about my life and/or training would prevent me from actually being able to live and train well, blogging takes a back seat. Which is unfortunate, as I really want to track my training, but still, actually training is more important that talking about training. Mostly, I’ve had to skip some training for two reasons. She’s kind of pushed back on my training a little. I’ve missed some training sessions there, too. Running-I wanted to run 15 miles a week, and basically 63 miles per month, to reach my goal of 750. After my long ride yesterday, I managed 2 miles running at a 10:38 pace, which is actually really strong for me. Cycling-To reach 3500 miles on the bike this year, I basically need 300 miles a month. Did 600 yards in the pool at the Y. Then biked 20 miles.

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Pleasure, Not Punishment

In the days before the race I’m stressed and anxious. During the race I’m demoralized in the swim, joyful on the bike, spent on the run. The pre-workout evac is really essential, especially when I know it’s going to be hot outside. Yes, I am fully aware that that the cardinal rule of racing is do not do/wear/eat/say/look at anything new on race day. Arrived at the race site and OTC was in full-effect. We had a sweet tent and Chris and one of the members, Z, were there to put on race number tattoos and give high fives. In the days before the race, I felt a little nervous about the idea of so many club members being there. We had a rack in very back of transition, near the run out but faaaaar from the swim in and bike out. In the moment, it felt demoralizing to see swimmers get further and further away from me every time I sighted. Add 90 degree heat with no shade and you’ve really got a party going.

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making the trek

Taking a cue from my dear friend, D, whose daughters are grown and spread their wings. One day all this noise and crazy will be over and we will miss it. When we have a super crazy day or week or season, I try to remember this. Hubby takes our youngest daughter to her game for cheer at 7:45 a.m. I take our mascot to meet his school band where he assumes his role as Band Captain for the parade. Oldest son heads out for a day of skateboarding with friends. I take our oldest daughter across town to hit the beach with a friend and her family and then go grocery shopping. Hubby brings youngest home to prep for a birthday party. It’s only 1 p.m. Youngest son goes for a bike ride with friends. Now, if you’ve done the math and followed carefully you will see what happened here this day. It was a crazy and well-executed start to the day, but a grand, grand finish!

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Chattanooga Triathlon Club |

Water Stops: 1 supported stop on the bike, and 5 to 6 on the run. Run 6.2 Miles: 1:10:45 11:25/mile and I had plenty left in my second bottle. The Run: Let me go ahead and say thisI usually run and chew gum at the same time. I forgot I put a stick of gum in my shoe until around mile 2 on the run. Crap, my foot was a sticky mess afterwards – especially with the down pours we experienced during the run portion. I love this run course, going through the woods, traffic free roads – so pretty. I HATE ALL THE HILLS! The bike is challenging enough, the hills during the run make this race almost a monster. The first part of the run is all downhill, everyone is smiling – having a good time. Then it dawns on you, you are going to have to run back up that huge hill you just came down. The Goal – Survive The Actual – Still alive, hurting a little bit, my run was only 3 minutes off from last year.

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getting unstuck

A friend of mine said to me at one point that he thought training for a triathlon would be both physically and mentally challenging. A 50 is one lap of the pool, each lap is two lengths. There are seven separate drills we use for training. I had to do one length of the drill and swim back for each of the seven 50s. with a quick break, long enough for the coach to tell me the next drill. I don’t feel comfortable switching back and forth each stroke yet. Bill: *laughing*, because he can, because he is done swimming. I told Bill and Noel about my early Sunday morning panic. Warm-up: 100 meters – I forgot to even tell you about the warm-up. Kick-my-ass-make-me-want-to-puke speed drills: 4 x 50 meters = 200 meters. What I have learned is: the most important tools in training for a triathlon are friends and family to support and encourage you and coaches to tell you that you will be fine.

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