Josh coached me through my first ironman. He was truly supportive and tailored a program to suit my needs and busy work schedule. He was responsive to questions and knew how to navigate through issues along the way and keep me motivated for a great race day experience. Mike A

Josh is an integral part of my success in endurance events. His training plans are well thought out. Taking personal and professional obligations into consideration. His insight, experience, and knowledge of the sport has allowed me to consistently place in the top ten of the M30-34 age group. Whether you’re new to the sport or looking to PR, there is no doubt Josh can provide you with the necessary training to accomplish your goals. Ari Baum, NY

It was a real pleasure having the opportunity to work with Josh Gold. I am an experienced triathlete / Ironman finisher with numerous years of training under my belt. Josh provided me with a thoughtful daily workout plan that considered my experience and goals and provided the flexibility to adjust to my work schedule. I really valued Josh’s extensive experience in the sport as he was able to maximize efficiency regardless of any potential time constraints. The ability to train with him weekly in NYC’s Central Park or Westchester is an added bonus. Josh was always available via phone & email to answer questions and discuss training results or race strategy. His guidance helped me achieve a PR even with my limited training schedule. Josh was a huge asset and can assist in accomplishing any athlete’s goals. Chris Rogalski 2013

Coach Josh, Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to take my run training to the next level. My lack of confidence, was a hurdle I could not have tackled on my own. I appreciate you positive re-enforcement, your knowledge and support. I look forward to continue to work together so that I can reach my goals. Sara Kesler 2013

I came to Ironman with the 'one and done' mentality and having completed a successful IMFL in late 2011, I thought that was it. In the run up to IMFL, my contact with Josh at the time was from within a large group and centered around swimming and indoor spin sessions. However, like so many, one did not lead to done and I proceeded to enter Ironman NY in 2012. However, for this race I trained alone without a coach/mentor. The contrast between the two races was drastic - read NY was an outright failure. Ironman requires many different forms of commitment. Mental, physical and of course time. My past experiences proved to me that it was very easy to make excuses to yourself e.g. focus on the disciplines you enjoy more, renege on a swim session here, blame work there, and at the end of the day, I was the one paying for it on the day. Going forward, I knew I wanted the support of a coaching framework. To teach me new skills; to hone existing ones; to train smart; build my focus and to keep me honest with my training. I also identified that I wanted a more bespoke training plan above and beyond the 'one size fits all' group workout format. Simply put, Josh and Push Hard Multisports has ticked all the boxes for me. The weekly programs he sets work with you, your goals and your schedule. Josh is firm but fair in his feedback and advice, always easily accessible and has a genuine love for the sport. Josh works great for me and I'm sure he would for you too! Jerry Urwin 2013

Josh is a valuable resource as you plan for your big race. He'll analyse your posture, assess your fitness and give you a plan to get you ready for your race. He will also keep you honest and make sure you do your workouts! When looking for a coach, it is wise to choose someone who has done as many races as Josh. I would highly recommend him...he was a key factor in me getting over the finish line Mike Reed IMLP 2011 - 11:04:59

The key to triathlon success is a measured approach to training. Technique will carry the distance every time, the ability to handle pain that got you through school level sports will not work. Josh Gold is a master technician, with a humorous personal touch that keeps you on the critical path to the desired distance. Mike Sharp

Racing is about achieving PR and fulfillment without injury through the right training program and motivation. Since I have been 'pushing hard' with Josh Gold, I have achieved a PR in a 10K run, a 70.3 Ironman, an Olympic Tri, and an Ironman Triathlon. John Ratzan.

I completed my first Ironman in 2012 and can say, without a doubt, that wouldn't have happened without Josh's guidance, support, motivation and expertise. He led a comprehensive program designed to guarantee a positive experience on race day and left no question unanswered. I highly recommend Josh as a coach - not only because he has a great resume, but because he combines that knowledge with a personal approach to drive success. Happy to say all of the above! Karen Mateo 7/12/13

Thanks so much for once again a great lesson..... you are the BEST, so patient! Terri Graeul 3-24-11 swim lesson

Thank you Josh for coming and working the crowd. We are so lucky to have a coach that cares about our athletes and our cause. There are many people out there that carry the title coach but none of them are as special as you. Rachel Schwartz, Team One Family 3-8-11

Just finished 1500 meters straight. The 50 meter pool was open today. Took 41 minutes but my cardio is there. Lets continue working on my technique and time! 10 weeks ago I struggled with two 25 yard lengths! You guys are miracle workers!!

Thank you for all the training workout emails and tips. Your workout definitely prepared me for the Hamptons Marathon. The workouts were much harder than the course itself. I was able to complete the course in 3:58:02. This was my first marathon.