Technique Sessions

The key to going faster longer is technique.

Without proper swim technique you will be wasting valuable energy needed on the bike and the run. Not to mention that feeling that you are about to drown :(.

Without proper cycling technique you will not pedal efficiently with the proper gearing or cadence which can result in a poor bike split and increased fatigue.

Riding a triathlon bike requires a whole other set of skills like being able to stay in the “aero position” for extended periods of time (comfortably) and being able to safely maneuver your bike while changing gears, braking, and of course eating without crashing.

And last but not least, without proper running technique you might never get to the starting line. Weeks even months and months of training just to get an injury because you have been running incorrectly and all that you have been training for has to be sidelined because of an injury.

In each one on one technique session we will work on skills and drills to adopt proper technique. Periodically we will film and analyze your technique to benchmark your improvement and identify areas that are still weak.

Cost of sessions: – $ 125 per session or 3 sessions for $350.

For more information contact or call me at 914-310-6069.

Limited availability for non coached clients.