NEWS FLASH!!!In September 2014 my wife and I moved down to Charleston, SC. The weather is beautiful down here and I will be continuing to service my clients around the country as I always have. I have been going back to NYC each month for a week to meet with clients and run workouts as well as teach technique sessions! I look forward to the future and what that looks like over the years!

I was born in Brooklyn more years ago than I care to remember. My life took many unique twists and turns. I worked as a tour manager for music groups in the early 80’s to having an accounting practice with my father for 20 years and a few more varied and colorful jobs in between.

With all of these careers came a lot of stress and I found myself 70 lbs. overweight and smoking 4 packs a day. (that is what being an accountant will do to you ) I just got to a point that I said NO MORE.

I couldn’t walk up the stairs from the train station without being out of breath. I was 30 years old at the time and just had my youngest daughter (who is know 26). At that point I stopped smoking. It wasn’t easy but it was my first step to getting to where I am today.

I started to work out and eat healthier. Triathlon didn’t even enter the picture until years later. I started with my butt on an incumbent bike. Just trying to get through 30 minutes of cardio.

Over time the weight began to come off and I started feeling better about myself. Those crazy people on their spin bikes didn’t seem so crazy anymore.

Before you knew it I was doing my first sprint distance triathlon. I fell in love with the sport as we all do. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was training for my first Ironman working with coaches such as Mike Pigg, Paul Huddle and the crew at Multisport.com.

I trained 7 days a week for 3 hours a day and completed IM Florida in 11:16. In the ensuing years I competed in IM Florida (2x), IM Lake Placid (2x), IM Brazil, IM France, IM Cozumel and Kona ( 2001).

As I realized my passion for individual competitive sport, I quickly turned my professional focus in the same direction. I began to teach spinning, running, and swimming in 1998. I organized the first comprehensive triathlon-training program at Club Fit, Briarcliff, NY in March 2003. Some of those first participants created a strong bond and are still training with each other today.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that the key to longevity in sport whether it is triathlon or running or any other sport is technique.

Once you have the proper technique you can train to go fast, stay healthy and not get injured. To this end I became certified in Pose Running and Total Immersion swimming. To this day I incorporate those techniques in my coaching.

This unique expertise, together with my USAT Level 1, USA Cycling, Pose Running Level 3 and USMS Level 2 Masters Coaching Certifications enables me to share my knowledge with my clients.

I look forward to being able to share with you my many years of experiences as a triathlete and coach and as someone who has experienced the life experiences that I have.

If you are interested in discussing working with me contact me at joshua@joshuagoldcoaching.com or call me at 843-952-3830