Personal Coaching

As an athlete balancing your training, your professional life, and your family life can be tough. You have kids that you want to spend time with, a spouse that needs your support, and often times a job that has you jumping to a tune that is not your own.

No matter how dedicated you are to your training, these things get in the way and it can be discouraging.

Sometimes part of the problem is that we are looking at our training as something that is isolated from the rest of our life instead of something to be incorporated.

You have a plan and a destination, and there are always going to be challenges and set backs along the way. Your training is the journey that connects the two and needs to incorporate the rest of your life.

One of the most important steps in this journey to reaching your goals is to find the right coach. The trouble with many coaches is that they run their programs based on their personal experience or on what they’ve researched as scientific best practices.

This might not sound so bad, until you realize that your lifestyle doesn’t fit into their cookie cutter program or your body isn’t suited to their type of training. This isn’t to say they aren’t great coaches and that their programs don’t work, the question is whether this type of program is the best for you personally.

My approach is different.

I work with my athletes very closely to create a training program that fits into their crazy lifestyle. I don’t just monitor their results, but also their challenges and setbacks as we move through the journey together.

I understand the obstacles and find an approach that will work for you as an individual. We don’t all react to the same stimuli, some athletes need a coach to sit on them and check in every minute that they are dialed in, and others need the total opposite.

It is my responsibility as a coach to figure out what each athlete needs so they can both enjoy the journey and achieve their goals.

Below I have outlined what is included in the coaching package that Push Hard Multisport offers. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact me and we can always discuss this.

Push Hard Multisport Coaching Cost:

All the Coaching Programs are communicated virtually using Training Peaks Software Platform. All athletes will received their own Premium athlete account in addition to the following

  • Initial Interview – Analysis of Athlete Interview Form
  • Long / Short Term goal setting
  • Unlimited Communication by email, text and phone calls
  • Individualized Training Plan written in 1-2 week blocks
  • Training Plan adjusted as needed during the week
  • Training Log Feedback of workouts
  • Race Day Strategies and Nutrition Plans
  • Advice on equipment purchases etc
  • A Great Time on the Journey!



Registration Fee* $175
Monthly Plan** $425
Annual Plan (Best Value) $4675

For more information contact or call me at 843-952-3830.

*Registration fee covers:

  • Initial Interview
  • Goal setting
  • Analysis of technique ( digitally if not at current location)

** 1st Qtr $ 1275 paid up front and then billed monthly.