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Wednesday’s @ One with Coach Joshua Gold of Push Hard Multisport

As a triathlon coach in a virtual world I have noticed that it is easy to lose the sense of community that I feel is so important amongst the athletes that I work with.

More often than not they belong to a triathlon club or have a group of friends that they train with and many times I don’t get to see my clients in person nor do they get to meet each other for weeks, sometime months at a time. Sometimes they don’t get to meet at all.

Wednesdays at One is my way bringing all of you together.

Welcome to Push Hard Multisport’s weekly phone call! This community call will be 30 minutes with me speaking and discussing the topic of the day for 15 minutes and then opening the floor up to questions and hopefully answers :). Throughout the year we will have guest speakers to discuss their specialty.

If there are topics that you want to discuss please contact me at

Here are some upcoming topics

Due to scheduling conflicts during the summer the Community Calls will be suspended till September 2014