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triathlon – Tibbs in Training

No point in going 80% of the way and almost ruining your life to then almost do well at something and still come out in major pain. I’ll start a little over a year ago- or you could even go check that post out yourself. Getting myself into the pool, out on a run, off on my bike. Couldn’t figure out what day it was or why I was still in bed at 515. Finally, after an hour and 24 minutes, i was out of the water. My head started to ache, and i felt out of it again. Then about a quarter of a mile further down is a volunteer, standing, waiting with my bag in her hands, and asking what i want out of it. Then there’s a stretch of spectators as you go from mile 24 to 25, then the course goes out of town a bit to a turn around before you hurtle back in towards the finish line. As you finish out, they route you around the Olympic oval, equipped with floodlights and a loud speaker and people yelling. Figuring out how to do time and where to put my energy.

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Evernote Certified Consultant

Peak performance isn’t just about how you train, how you recover and manage stress, or how you fuel your body. It’s also about planning and productivity tactics to help you make the most of the time you have in a given day. The fact that my clients live in the real world and balance busy, demanding lives is the reason I became an Evernote Certified Consultant. Evernote is a powerful tool and one of the fundamental ways I manage ‘Firebrand’. I save so much time and energy with established workflows and processes; I always have the information I need at my fingertips; not to mention using the tool for writing and organising all of my content. For these reasons and more I thought it would be a crime not to offer this to my clients. No matter if your needs are purely personal, you need to level up your own coaching business, or you need to implement a solution to manage your organisation’s information, there is an Evernote solution for you.

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Tri no matter what your size!

I biked, got my counters clean, made a Keto friendly lime cheesecake, and went swimming with the kids. While I was on the bike looking around at my basement, which is also cluttered, it got me thinking. Probably a block for your front wheel to level the bike. Most likely you will have Cycling Shoes, bike shoes that clip into the pedals. I use an older Garmin 910 and have the attachments so I can have it clipped to my bike, but when I start my run, I can take it off my bike and attach it to the wristband. A Running Belt that holds water bottle and food type stuff for the run. That’s for the race, but also there are things you need to have handy for while training! I personally don’t use a lot of the maintenance items, as John does all the maintenance on my bike. You could bring your bike in to a reputable bike shop to get serviced. I had a good bike ride yesterday, and will be getting to the gym to run as soon as I am done writing this.

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Riccione replaces Rimini for Challenge Family in Italy

It’s been a busy week of news for the Challenge Family. While we were over in Daytona Beach, Florida for the launch of Challenge Daytona, there was also news from Italy. Here is the full announcement which sees Challenge Rimini become Challenge Riccione. CHALLENGEFAMILY has announced a brand new race in its global series as CHALLENGERICCIONE, a race set held in one of the most historic cities in Italy, will replace CHALLENGERIMINI. Debuting on May 6, 2018, CHALLENGERICCIONE will maintain most of its original characteristics associated with CHALLENGERIMINI, with triathletes set to experience swimming in the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea, a cycling route leading from the sea to the green hills, and returning to the sea for a fast race path along the seafront to the finish. With the debut event just around the corner CHALLENGERICCIONE will hope to establish itself as the perfect way to open the triathlon season.

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Crystal Palace Triathlon 2016

Official photographs from our race are now online and available to purchase from ProSport Photos. Congratulations to the winner of yesterday’s race, Chris Whitcombe, who broke the course record, set in 2011, with a time of 1:02:26. Y Greenleaf from Serpentine Tri Club, who was second, also broke the previous course record! Great racing! Congratulations to everyone who completed our race today. If you have any queries about your times please complete their online query form. We would love to hear from you with any feedback you have on our race. British Triathlon day membership was included in your entry fee, if you have received an email with a copy of the day membership there is nothing further to pay. Race information, start times and race numbers now available. Race information, start times and race numbers are now available. Race numbers and timing chips are collected on the day, we do not send anything out in the post.

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