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While it’s a very important part of our world, the raw reality is that the time we have for training is time we carve out for ourselves from other things. Obviously there’s a limit to the amount of training we can absorb at any given time. If we can include those types of sessions, then the areas of training that are less enjoyable but necessary are a little easier to tolerate because they will compose a smaller percentage of our training. Most of the training sessions I write are for people who can only manage about an hour at a time to devote to training. In my coaching work I often spend a great deal of time reassuring athletes they are training at the right effort load to meet their goals. STRENGTH TRAINING. It’s important to keep up your strength training when preparing for endurance events, especially as you age. Minutes of dozing can cost you the 8:03 train or 15 minutes of pool time, you get up and out. Swim: slower than Ironman pace Bike: slower than normal training pace Run: slower than normal training pace. WORKOUT GUIDELINES FLUX EFFORT BASE TRAINING. In base training, each set will be 10 min. The 10-Minute Time Trial Time trials aren’t really in training vogue these days, but they should be.

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A Complete Plan for Dominating Your Triathlon!

I feel very fortunate that I trained using the Tri Dominator training plan. From staying in my aerobic zone throughout the race to dialing in my fueling strategy during my my training. As a result of following your Tri Dominator plan I finished 6th in my age group! Not bad for a first timer! 14:40:04. The only advice I have for other Triathlon Dominators… stick to the program, don’t stress, look at your training every day and check it off as you complete each workout… most importantly…. trust it. Training to tackle 140.1 miles can be overwhelming to comprehend… but Ben’s program WILL get you there. You will be well prepared! I will forever be thankful for your motivation and your training program. Since this was my first triathlon, I bought the plan with the idea of using it to prepare for the Boise Ironman 70.3 and not going the full 9 months to train for a full Ironman. After tracking my times during training, I started to get a sense of what my time goal should be for the Boise 70.3. The training plan is very easy to follow and the meals are great as well. Thanks again Ben for all the value you provide in your training plans.

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20 Great Reasons to do a Triathlon

Although the reasons people do a triathlon differ, the benefits are universal. That’s what this chapter is about – it outlines the 20 benefits you can reap from training for and completing a triathlon. For all its power to change your life, training for a triathlon isn’t going to consume your life. Nothing burns more calories than training for a triathlon. Training for a triathlon will reconnect you with your body and make you feel like you haven’t felt in years: young, energetic and powerful. Training for a triathlon incorporates three very different sports. Training for something as complete as a triathlon lays a foundation of fitness that will ensure that your later years are more pain-free and fun filled – so you’ll not only add years to your life but you’ll also add life to your years. Plus, training for a triathlon gets you outdoors, and spending time in the beauty of nature is bound to boost your mood! You will begin to see each triathlon training session for what it can be: a unique opportunity for personal growth, a celebration of life and a relaxing pause in your otherwise hectic and stressful life. Whether you train for your triathlon alone or with others, you’re sure to meet fellow triathletes along the way.

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Source: https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/20-great-reasons-do-triathlon

Goa Triathlon vs. Me – Achieve it all

Being in a dilemma, I started off randomly; doing what my heart said. Race Day: Got up early and started visualization about the race. Started off with my breast stroke and continued it through. To my amaze, I crossed a lot of freestylers and once I saw I was near, I stood up and started to run. CYCLING 40 km:As soon as I reached, I wiped my feet and put on my socks, shoes, had a few salt capsules and a gulp of ORS to neutralize my stomach as the sea water had started a dull ache in my abdomen. My front disc brake was spoilt from the start due to some past events, and hence there was a constant drag on the front wheel the whole time in the race. To go aero on an MTB is tough, as the balancing job comes on your shoulder and it starts to ache in a while. Moving your legs on and on the entire distance was something that would make me a champion in my own kingdom, and that’s what all we need right! To be better than ourselves, to be the king of our soul! I was undergoing submission, playing a game of bondage with the heat and the road. It started to manipulate me, and I was loving it. Thighs started to ache and there were still participants to catch up on. My favourite song started to play and I felt like Pegasus.

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