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We focus on ALL elements of swimming, specialising in transferring pool based swimming into an openwater swimming. We work with every level of swimmer, from water phobic swimmers to advance elite swimmers and triathletes. Swim for Tri is lead by open water specialist swimmer and Speedo accredited coach Dan Bullock. Pete offers a range of services including training plans designed individually for you and 1-2-1 personal training or small group coached sessions to help iron out those niggles with your technique. Ironman accredited, certified by British Triathlon & Training Peaks we deliver smart, tailored hands-on coaching for Individuals and groups alike. Tri Swim Coaching is run by Annie Oberlin-Harris and partner Ali Hollest. Annie is a Certified Swim Smooth swimming, open water & triathlon coach, specialising in freestyle technique correction, endurance swimming & triathlon training and open water skills. Ali is a swimming and triathlon coach specialising in freestyle technique, endurance running and triathlon training programmes. Together we coach swimmers and triathletes of all abilities whether you’re a beginner triathlete or age grouper. We help you understand what’s holding you back and how to correct it using expert coaching methods accompanied with sound genetically tailored coaching programmes.

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Summer schedule of an underemployed teacher

One of the many, many wonderful things about being a teacher is our long summers off. I’ve put my time in doing menial, occasionally degrading work and I just don’t want to do it any more. The long answer is I hate the tedium of retail, want a super-flexible schedule, don’t particularly feel like fake-chatting/smiling people up all day like I did in the restaurant or getting yelled at for not wiping down menus right. It’s summer time however, so now I wake up, realize I have nothing particularly pressing to do today; fall back asleep. 11:00 – around this time two or three times a week is actually a very fulfilling, challenging part of my day. Most work two full-time jobs here as they toil in the migrant-worker horse racing circuit, and send the money back home to Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Chile where they have large families and few opportunities. In the face of self-interest, it’s a great opportunity for me to practice my Spanish, albeit humbling at times when I can’t understand the Chilean guy, Hector. 1:00-1:30- time for my paying job! I walk a sweet but very slow-moving 14-year-old mutt for 20 minutes. Now, for most people this is an infuriatingly busy time to shop, but when you’re not in a rush, things bother you a lot less. 1:00-1:30- employment time! Old Shiloh does not look eager to see me.

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Mission iSUB9 is still out there – but not on this course and in this year. Moving from SF to NYC, living out of a suitcase, hip injury, lack of decent outdoor rides, no +M2 Revolution, arrival of the +CycleOps 400 indoor trainer, buying an apartment, running 57 times around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir in Central Park, Rev3 Quassy, 3rd AG IM 70.3 Syracuse and finally sharing life full-time with +Nicole Dubois – the year had it all so far. An abundance of housing options, restaurants, parking, etc combined with people that live the outdoors day in and out makes for a great race. SwimSmart may comfort people, but I am going to predict that it won’t save lives. Superfast descent back to HWY99 and stepwise climb back up to Whistler for some cheers by the many spectators, the blue people and +Nicole Dubois. It’s crazy long and you know that you have to come back up. Partly worried – partly excited I plotted the day ahead and concluded that this will play out well for me. In the end this was the decision I made to come to peace with the situation, I figured that I would roll up the field on the climb back to Whistler. Now back to the course, uphill for a solid hour+ or so and breaking clear of the pack within 10 minutes. Swift transition into the running shoes and out on the run.

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Wildman Olympic Triathlon Race Recap

As I explained earlier, this triathlon was very special to me because two years ago, I had a panic attack during a sprint triathlon and quit the race. The race director told us that it was 55 degrees! Every single athlete had on a wetsuit. The race director asked if anyone was doing their first triathlon, and no one raised their hand! The Olympic triathletes had to swim around the triangle twice. T2 went smoothly, and I talked to a race official about forgetting my chip during the bike. Ironically enough, I walked away from the event with a plaque! I got second place in my age group – BUT there were only two women in my age group! :). The Buttar Event race director told me that use the noodle technically would have disqualified me, but I told him that the lifeguard said it wouldn’t, so he gave me the plaque as an honorable mention. He told me I have to do another Olympic Tri and not use a noodle to really redeem my failed sprint triathlon. I really need to eat more – I had three packets of Goo during the race, but I’m definitely not adequately refueled. All in all, it was a really exciting and intense race. I feel like this triathlon just goes to prove that the race is really against YOURSELF. It’s fun to win and beat other people, but at the end of the day, just try YOUR hardest.

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