Push Hard Multisport News for 06-28-2018

By following this proven system designed specifically for real world triathletes you get a better result. The annual training plan is designed to keep your training fresh, your body recovered and motivation strong by keeping the goal event in your focus. We’ll keep volume low for as long as possible and ensure you are ready to train for the most rapid progress towards your goal event. Knowing your training is specific for not only your sport but your situation – the real world, super-busy athlete who needs to train while juggling all the other aspects of life too. Whether you’re training for your first sprint triathlon, or you’re a seasoned Ironman triathlete this five step method gets you gets you to the finish fresh! Make your race easier, gain confidence in your ability and increase your chances success by joining us!

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10 Stress-Busters for Busy People

Developing tools for managing stress and learning how to cope when life gets tough are keys to living a busy life and maintaining your overall wellbeing. When an individual is suffering from stress they will find it’s difficult to control their emotions and may become more prone to certain diseases. Stress also has the ability to cause depression, relationship problems, weight gain and trouble sleeping. Releasing stress allows us to appreciate life, laugh often and focus on the positive. We can enjoy life without feeling tired, accomplish goals without pressure and solve problems without tension. Bringing balance back into your life is key to living stress free. Try practicing meditation, listening to music, exercising or even drinking tea. Get ready to enjoy life and reap the benefits of happiness with these stress-busters.

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RACE REPORT …………………….Sprint was awesome but major fail! Swim was great. Ate an hour before race start so no nausea during the swim. Bike time was already at 17 minutes and I just basically started. Two miles later, it was flat again, used CO2 cartridge and quickly inflated. I didn’t really want to change it at that time, and decided that I’ll just see if I can change it again. It worked! But I had already lost about 40 minutes by that time. Bike course was so effing hilly and I was emotionally tired. Bike time was 1:30 and was expecting to finish it below 0:50. I was bummed out but happy coz I really just wanted to get the swimming down, which I did. 36 mins 3.1 miles for freaking hills and trails.

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Reckless Driving – a Triathlete’s Perspective

I’ve always been the first one to berate poor drivers that don’t consider the safety of cyclists. Like most cyclists on the road today, I’ve seen it all. Like all busy people I’m trying to maximise my sleep by waking up at the very last second with just enough time to do what I have to do to get out the door in time. A split second lack of concentration and a life could be over. For 10 seconds of time saved I could have been staring down the barrel of a reckless driving charge, or worse. Two families could have been majorly impacted for the sake of 10 seconds. Everyday on our roads drivers are doing just that. Putting others lives at risk for the sake of a few seconds. The ongoing tension that exists between cyclists and drivers is irrelevant in the end. Please leave the agro at home and try and leave home 10 seconds earlier.

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Finally, the burning platform.

It frustrates me completely that I can know one thing and yet live another. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Each time I devour a new book/article/podcast I get inspired and motivated to really get things sorted once and for all. I feel keen and, if I’m honest, a little saintly. The first few days are hard, but then I start to feel good. All I know is that I’m really fed up with the nagging feeling/knowledge that I’m simply not living up to my full potential. That sounds rather trite and it is; but it’s also true. I’m sick of participating in athletic endeavours and feeling frustrated that I’m not faster/stronger/tougher when I know I’ve got it in me. I’m sick of feeling tired and grouchy when that’s not who I really am. I know, I know, the start of a New Year is an enormously cliched line in the sand.

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Lifetime triathlon

To complicate my return to triathlon training, a few open water issues have recently emerged. For those who are unfamiliar with it, swimmers itch is caused by a parasite that lives in shallow open water. A parasitic amoeba had infected and killed three otherwise healthy people after swimming. With 10,000+ lakes in MNmost of which are popular with swimmers, the odds are very low. I don’t swim alone, and I don’t have a swim buddy. OWS are so much different then pool swimming that they are essential for triathletes. Only racers transitioning from swim to bike, or bike to run, are allowed in. There was a small area on the lake for warmup swims. There are no lines, nothing to grab on to, the waters are murky, and you make contact with other swimmers. Getting jostled in my first lake swim in 10 months didn’t help.

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