Push Hard Multisport News for 06-25-2018

Getting Unstuck

A friend of mine said to me at one point that he thought training for a triathlon would be both physically and mentally challenging. A 50 is one lap of the pool, each lap is two lengths. There are seven separate drills we use for training. I had to do one length of the drill and swim back for each of the seven 50s. with a quick break, long enough for the coach to tell me the next drill. I don’t feel comfortable switching back and forth each stroke yet. Bill: *laughing*, because he can, because he is done swimming. I told Bill and Noel about my early Sunday morning panic. Warm-up: 100 meters – I forgot to even tell you about the warm-up. Kick-my-ass-make-me-want-to-puke speed drills: 4 x 50 meters = 200 meters. What I have learned is: the most important tools in training for a triathlon are friends and family to support and encourage you and coaches to tell you that you will be fine.

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10 Things Not to Say to a Triathlete

Whether you’re married to a triathlete or are simply friends, chances are you’ve said something you shouldn’t have. Most triathletes discuss their experiences due to the boost in self-esteem and confidence these races provide. There comes a time when a triathlete comes across a know-it-all. The bulk of triathletes have dedicated countless hours to training knowledge and techniques. Such assumptions dilutes the blood, sweat and tears most triathletes put into their training. For many triathletes, there’s no end to their training or racing. Perhaps one of the most common questions asked of triathletes is how to lose weight. While triathletes are at the peak of their strength and endurance, they aren’t weight loss coaches. Next time you’re compelled to ask a triathlete how to lose weight, instead, discuss their training routines. We’ve covered the basics of what not to say to a triathlete.

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Beginner Triathlete & Loving It

Today, I ran my 1/2 marathon and fulfilled my goal! It felt damn good! My Mom, who had never done an under 2:00hr half wanted to get there too, so we stuck together. I kept her speeding along, and she kept me occupied. Before I knew it we were reaching mile 9 and my hip was aching, and my knee starting to twinge from a tight IT band. Mom kept on trucking and after about 3 minutes, I took off to catch her. I worked my butt off to catch up to her! It felt good, I felt strong. Oh well, complaining about our aches and pains took us another few miles. As we closed in on the last mile I pushed ahead of Mom and pushed myself a little harder. Mom finished soon after and post race discussions ensued. I’m thanking myself for that now, because I’m feeling okay! Oh wait, I also took some IBU in the car ????. Overall, it was a good race and I look forward to doing it again next year.

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Martha Denton |

When the clock turned I was out the door to lace up the running shoes and get the dog. I decided we were just going to run downtown Ringgold, since it is so close. I think next time Reagan and I will go to the Battlefield instead because Ringgold is super busy in the daylight. Even though I run on the sidewalk, it is still a little scary. Anyway, since the streets were so busy I decided to run through the cemetery. This was actually the second time I ran through, the first time I slowed down to try to read a lot of the tombstones. This time I did a lot of praying along with more reading the years on the markers. I really enjoyed the quite time because life seems to get so busy. After noticing this I went to visit Martha’s grave. This whole experience just reminds me that we all need to take time out of our busy lives to remember the ones we love and say a little prayer for them.

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My Triathlon Training Blog

Updated**12/29/2010As you can see, the wheel cover is still holding up. 9/13/2010This is an update to my aero wheel cover from wheelbuilder.com. The cover is still on my bike and is still going strong. 6/2/2010My wheel cover got me through another race and it is going strong. I have been training more but I can’t help but think the cover makes some difference. Only did 25 miles and I was very surprised with the disc wheel cover. Not sure if I could tell a whole lot of difference with the wheel cover on, because I have been doing so much on the trainer and spin class, I know my fitness level is improved. 2/4/2010I have a few more hours with the cover on the trainer and still fits snug. Happy New Year! I have about 4 trainer hours with the wheel cover on and it has not loosened up at all. 12/29/2009I received my aero wheel cover from wheelbuilder.com today.

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