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Chuck Kemeny has been coaching endurance sports and triathlon for over. 11 years and has been a competitive athlete his entire life. Coach Chuck has trained athletes with goals ranging from completing their first race to qualifying for World Championships. He has also had multiple athletes qualify for, and compete in, the World Championships for Olympic, 70.3, Ironman, and Ultraman distances. He has coached an athlete to the Quintuple Ultra Triathlon Championship setting the World Record and he has coached 3 Ultraman Triathlon Champions. Many of his athletes have also achieved USAT All-American rankings and he has trained several athletes to Boston Marathon qualifications. Chuck coaches youth triathlon and swimming, sharing his love of the sport with the next generation. As a husband, father of three, businessman and successful athlete, he has a thorough understanding of how to balance life’s demands while still achieving your athletic goals. Coached multiple world championship qualified athletes. Experienced coach of beginner triathletes and first time Ironman athletes.

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Triathlon Coaching Brisbane

Without the uniform, Suzanne plans and organises all events, training camps and beginner courses at Tri Nation Triathlon. This includes the first and last names of every squad member, sometimes also the next of kin and family dog. She is known as the camp mother due to the hours she spends in the kitchen baking, organising and cleaning. Though don’t expect to see her cleaning any other time but at camp! Suzanne loves welcoming new members to the group and when she is not busy coordinating our coaches or helping new members get started, you can find her coaching the odd triathlon session. Whilst not currently competing, Suzanne has a strong history in triathlons having completed six Ironman events including a PB of 10:10 and a half Ironman PB of 4:52. She has also competed for New Zealand twice at the Age Group World Champs in 2009 and 2012. She is expecting to make her comeback at Noosa Triathlon 2016. Otherwise: Suzanne loves walking her Labrador Kona and cuddling her cat Mac. She is a staunch Kiwi and refuses to bend to husband Mark’s pressure to become an Australian Citizen.

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Just Another Vegan Endurance Junkie

Endurance junkies are some of the most quality people around. For many of us, training makes us better people every day. Here’s what I discovered to be the top most misunderstood aspects of the endurance junkie’s lifestyle. Please, please, please don’t make us stay out late with you. We WILL spend more time swimming, biking, and running, than with you. If you HAVE to give us a gift, give us a bike! Okay, maybe not a bike, but something we can use to make ourselves more comfortable, efficient, and/or entertained while slogging it out there. We like our friends to be people who understand the value of setting personal goals and doggedly going after them, with perhaps seeming disregard for other aspects of life. The thing about triathletes and endurance athletes is that many of us have rediscovered the power of positive motivation, encouragement, and coaching in our adult lives. Perhaps most people don’t get enough of this on a regular basis. We crazy endurance junkies have found an arena in which one of the most basic human needs is not only attainable, it’s incredibly accessible.

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Craig Gaskill, a Los Angeles, California, retail operations manager, is a busy professional with a rich life. Though his job, wife and four kids occupy much of his time, Mr. Craig Gaskill enjoys making time in his schedule for daily runs.

Craig Gaskill is an active volunteer in Los Angeles, California. Managing a busy schedule like Craig Gaskill’s to make time to volunteer might not be your idea of fun, but to those who donate their time, the perks are worth the sacrifices. Boost Your Career Volunteers earn more, on average, than their non-volunteering counterparts. The professional relationships formed during volunteer work contribute to this, as many double the size of their networks in a single day of donating their time. In addition to networking benefits, employers statistically hire and promote those with volunteer experience more readily than those without. Volunteer work also allows you to learn new skills for better positions at work. If you need management experience, volunteer to manage a team. Give Back to Society Volunteering allows you to participate in your community and give back to society in ways that you would otherwise miss. If you are passionate about animals, volunteer with a local shelter. As a bonus, volunteering will allow you to meet like minded professionals like Craig Gaskill.

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Professional Triathlete

The media sphere is full of comments on the upset of Canadian triathlon superstar Paula Findlay and her total breakdown on the run at the Olympic Triathlon. Success often only comes at understanding the process that led to what feels like failure. What Paula has had to brave is what every elite or professional triathlete must go through – understanding their own body, their mental strength and weaknesses, ability to take on pressure and perhaps most important is allowing oneself to make mistakes to be stronger. Go through a series of professional relationships as the athlete evolves. When we look at current triathlon superstars there is always something in common. Melissa Hauschildt – 16 years of elite level running before starting triathlon in 2010. Simon Whitfeild – 27 years since his first ever triathlon. Paula Findlay – Swimmer growing up but first competitive triathlon season in 2006 – SEVEN years. Three days ago I crashed on my bike while reviewing the Boulder 70.3 course. My best wishes to Paula Findlay as she recovers from all she has gone through.

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