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Chronicles of a First Time Triathlete

We drove up to Baraboo on Saturday afternoon and pulled into the parking lot of the Willowood Inn, which is the ADORABLE motel I picked out for us. We got up at five thirty, had some breakfast, and headed out in the dark for Devil’s Lake State Park. We had to run or swim out to this big blow-up yellow pyramid buoy, swim around it to the left, then continue straight across to the other yellow pyramid, then take another left to shore. I took a couple bites of a Clif bar and a couple gulps of water, then grabbed my bike and ran it out of the area. About three miles into the bike I passed Phil walking with his bike in the opposite direction. Some people were walking their bikes on the first hill. The run course was a little hilly-we ran out of the park and over into a campground, where we did a big uphill loop and then turned around and came back down and out. On the way out of the campground I passed a sign that indicated that I was on the last mile of the run. We picked up the pace for the last two hundred feet of the race, and I finished! Run time: 31:55. So I finished 39th out of 69th in my division, and 475th out of 549 overall.

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Jesus Follower…Cancer Survivor…Triathlete…Husband…

We always enjoyed worshiping and preaching with you because you are passionate to follow Jesus. In the glimpse of eternity, this life on earth is so short! Notice, after Jesus praised the servant for being a good steward, Jesus told him he will be ruler of many things and the joy of the Lord. The more you walk with Jesus, the Holy Spirit will slowly iron these things out of you. Jesus who died for your sins to restore you back to Him, He can help you crucify your flesh. If you’ve been a Christian and you never once had to lay down your rights, there’s something wrong with your walk with Jesus. Peter denied Jesus three times and Jesus is speaking to Peter after Jesus resurrected. The more you walk with Jesus, the more you draw close to Him, the more the Holy Spirit will take you and guide you. To summarize point two, surrendering to Jesus is instead of telling God what I want to do, we go to God and asks Him what does He wants me to do EVEN if I have to lay down my rights, I will do it. Just like Jesus, part of Him doesn’t want to take the cross. Of course, we won’t be exalted as Jesus did because Jesus is our Lord and Savior.

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triathlon – TriGirlMD

Getting candy, donuts and chocolate at 7am the morning after the race :). Hector joined me a few hours later, and Jen, Winston and Karmen arrived the next day. The five of us spent the few days before the race doing some light training plus getting organized, figuring out our race day clothing strategy, and meeting the rest of the Team Canada athletes. The main issue everyone was talking about leading up to the race was the weather. The water temperature was barely 14 degrees, so the day before the race the ITU shortened the swim from 4000m to 1500. Race morning started bright and early for me, around 5.30 am. Going into the race I knew that I was undertrained from graduating, the LMCC, moving, and traveling, and my goal was to have fun and finish. Race morning – tattoos, gatorade, and donuts #trilife. Transition on race day, and Team Canada helping out Team Mexico! In the end though, I told myself that I did not trek across the world with my bike in tow to give up 5 minutes into the race. 30km is a long way to go when you’re already 5 hours into a race and honestly I was just scared of having to do it.

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Ethan Brown: Professional Triathlete

The race was now slated to be started in a time-trial format, with each pro being started 30 seconds apart. Very consistent, solid run – this was a nice surprise! It’s kind of ironic because in the weeks leading up to the race we backed off the run volume and focused more on the bike. Their rides are filled with lots of Cat 1/2 racers, pro triathletes, and every now and then a couple pro cyclists show up. I began doing the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening rides. The first couple rides I did I was able to get in a two-man breakaway each time, but each time neither the rider I was with or I had memorized the route, so we ended up going off course and having to back track. These rides were awesome workouts and I know that I improved my pack riding and cycling skills a ton. I’ve found a similarly competitive group to ride with in MA, too. I have to say I just love riding with cyclists and I look forward to these rides every week more than any other workout. I wasn’t particularly fresh going into the race, but I thought sub-15 was a reasonable goal. When the race got underway Ben and I went through the first mile in 4:46.

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