Push Hard Multisport News for 06-02-2018

Running with Memphis

Wow, its been a very long time since I’ve posted about training and racing but I’m going to ignore that little nugget of truth and act as if I’ve been posting all along! Now we just passed Week 8 of training and it was race week. I trained through the St. Anthony’s Race and was pretty sore heading into the race. I had a rest day Monday and headed into race week. The goal during my recovery was to get to St. Anthony’s as my first triathlon of the season and to be able to the Sprint race. Bike: 1:20 trainer ride, hill repeats where I learned I need to focus on these! + 10.82 miles in St. Anthony’s Race. I will do a separate St. Anthony’s Race Report but I am pretty happy with my results especially considering I wasn’t really running much until 3 weeks ago. Now its Week 9 of training and I’ve got 2 races in the next 6 weeks, both out of state. As my training progresses, my mind is shifting from the fast, shorter course racing I’m used to to slower, managed racing where the objective is to finish the distance, enjoy the day and learn during the journey. I’ve got a total of 21 weeks of training and I’ve already completed 9 weeks.

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Ironman Triathlon

It’s been a few years since I did a race report, and I have never blogged before, but this seems the easiest way to share the experience with my family and friends. Pre race nonsense: Since I was there without witnesses or anyone sane to talk me out of this foolishness, I decided to do the underpants run. I pretty much kept to myself after that, doing the normal pre race stuff and listening to music like any aging metal head would. At the pre race meeting, they stressed the importance of respecting the local bear population, and making sure that all trash ended up at the trash drops during the race. Post race, there were photos of bears on the course and I did talk to a few after dark finishers who had seen bears on the run course. Search the internet if you are interested in doing this race. Callahan is worth checking out before race day; there is one tight turn that had me concerned. I’ve never had so much pain during a race before or maybe I’m not remembering well. The finish line was awesome as always! People cheer for you like you’re a long lost friend that’s winning the race. DMOS/Smart Honda women’s race team: thank you for the support, friendship, and encouragement.

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Element Ambassador Team

Element ambassadors are of all ages, have a variety of backgrounds, experience levels and development, and have different strengths and weaknesses. Our ambassador team, is about inclusion rather than exclusion. As varied as our ambassador team it, it is what we share that creates a team and a community. We are goal oriented individuals and we will work hard to reach our own goals. At the same time, we applaud and support our fellow ambassadors and others who are on their own journey to triathlon success, whatever that success is. We recognize that we have this in common with everyone in our triathlon community beyond the scope of the Ambassador Team and we will reach out to others beyond the Element Ambassador team. This is where we come together and share our stories and we can support and encourage others. Our ambassadors know from first hand experience that success often comes with a little pain, suffering and even a bit of failure or sense of failure once in while. Ambassadors will reach out to offer their help and support when it’s needed and they will gratefully accept the same when the shoe is on the other foot. Triathlon is part of our lives, not our whole lives.

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Glasgow Triathlon Club

A parental consent form will need to be completed before you can take part in training session. Children must be able to swim two lengths of the pool to participate in our coached training sessions. Glasgow Club Maryhill, Gairbraid Ave, Glasgow, G20 8YE. 6-7pm: Meet in the foyer at 6pm for the swim session. Scotstoun Leisure Centre, 72 Duncan Avenue, Glasgow, G14 9HD. 6-7pm: Meet in the foyer at 6pm for the swim session. Glasgow Club Maryhill, Gairbraid Ave, Glasgow, G20 8YE. 6-7pm: We meet at 6pm in the foyer for a run session. Development squad sessions run from 12:00-15:00 and are open to athletes in their second year of Tristar 2 who are interested in further development of their triathlon skills and ability. The Tuesday sessions and the Thursday session must be paid for online at www. Swim suit, goggles and a pair of running shoes for Tuesday and Thursday nights and a bike of any sort and a bike helmet for the cycle sessions. Training sessions for youths cost £4 per two-hour session and £3 at Bellahouston. The youth training sessions are led by a qualified triathlon coach, who has experience in working with children and young adults.

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