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That Triathlon Show

Here, she shares her knowledge and pearls of wisdom on how age-groupers should manage and think about their triathlon training. With the age groupers, a lot of times it’s about balancing training around their life – family, work, limited hours to train, limit stress. With my pros, I can throw in more training without worrying as much as with the age groupers because they have plenty of time for recovery and rest. Yes, it’s challenging balancing that rest and recovery with the training. This is one of the most important lessons of all times on That Triathlon Show.Mary Beth’s easy training speed on the bike is 10-15 km/h slower than her race pace. Her easy training pace on the run is 3 minutes per mile or 2 minutes per km slower than her Ironman race pace. Give yourself a little break to recover from all the training from triathlon. These are a little tricky, especially with Ironman training. With olympic distance and sprint training there might be a place for that. It’s figuring out the right distance for you and making sure that you’re doing the short fast speed and then with any kind of threshold work, you just have to be careful that you’re not leaving your race in the training.

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The Sole Mates

Some tested the waters while i did a short 4k around the big lake which was to be also a part of the run course. The runner for that same team has issues in Manila and has not arrived yet. Woke up early for breakfast as our bus needed to leave the hotel by 4:30am going to CWC. Body marking started 5am so I was also up early even if i expected to start my run leg at around 11am. By the time Jason arrived from the bike leg, it was 11am, it was my turn to run. On the 3rd water station, i decided to stop and get cold water and a cup of cold gatorade. Upon entering the 2nd loop of the run, i saw my biker teammate Jason and handover my hydration belt to him. Towards the end of my run, clouds started to form that it threatened to rain. Running in the heat in one of the hottest places in the country, during the hottest time of the day really drained me. The whole time he was running his race, I would from time to time stop and keep still and pray for a strong run and that much-requested rain from above. Had it rained during the race, it would definitely be a breeze for Jun running that 21k. Without the rains, at 11am-1pm, that leg of the race became extraordinarily difficult.

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Triathlon Coach Details Nancy McElwain

Coaching includes, TrainingPeaks.com account, custom training plans designed to match your goals and schedule; daily workouts with training intensity and duration, athlete-initiated teleconference, unlimited email contact. Start up services, available with or without one-on-one coaching:athlete questionnaire, history, goals, personal strengths, weaknesses, identify, prioritize upcoming races, establish training objectives, heart rate zones for running and cycling, and pace zones for swimming. Swimming lessons, underwater video swim stroke analysis. Bicycle fit and measurement for purchasing a new bike and/or fitting your current bike. I have 15 years experience as a competitive cyclist and triathlete and 9 years experience coaching endurance sports, triathletes, duathletes, swimmers, cyclists, and runners of all abilities. Communication is crucial to having a successful coaching relationship; I stay in close contact with athletes often in person and using the internet, e-mail, and the telephone. I understand that the athletes whom I coach are fitting triathlon into busy lives. Often the answer is doing a lesser amount of training, but in a more focused and tailored manner.

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Jillian Michaels, Triathlete

Things bug me all the time but not to the point where I’m still thinking about them days later. Over the summer, I discovered the Jillian Michaels Podcast. Janice, her producer and an avid swimmer, periodically gave Jillian suggestions about swimming but to my knowledge, there wasn’t an episode or segment devoted to her triathlon training. I was a few episodes behind and recently caught the 10/7 episode in which Jillian addresses the outcome of the triathlon a month prior. Hence why the first time shouldn’t be like four seconds before the gun goes off. Among the myriad things Jillian didn’t take the time to learn about triathlon, she doesn’t seem to realize that triathlon doesn’t come with a tutor who shows up at your house and tells you everything you need to know. Jillian made it through the bike with actually a really respectable time. It is NOT EASY and any time is a respectable time if it’s the result of preparation and heart. Eventually, I began to feel a bit sad for Jillian because she robbed herself of a potentially transforming experience. Jillian may not be a natural endurance athlete or have any desire to become one but I think she would agree that if you’re gonna play.

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