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The Random Triathlete

The Olympic is twice as long as the Sprint, the Half Iron twice as long as the Olympic, and the Iron is a several mile swim followed by over 100 miles of biking and then a full marathon at the end. The time limit for Irons is 17 hours so people don’t die. They also have the widest range of interesting people – the longer distances tend to weed out anyone who isn’t a serious athlete and/or diva, but the Sprint is pretty democratic. There is no feeling like finishing the crossing line, grabbing pizza and beer, and checking out the talent cheering on the people finishing behind you. The organizers write your age on your left calf, so when people pass you on the bike, you get to see how old they are. This is strangely addicting – I spend the whole bike looking at random peoples’ calves. I said this before, but the range of diverse and interesting people is amazing. It’s like when you go to a catholic church in Houston and see 60 different nationalities – everything from Africans with their ceremonial headdresses to people from Latin America to really old people to crying babies. The triathlon is a lot like this – there are stuck-up uber-athletes, nice uber-athletes, normal people in very good shape, normal people in decent shape, fat people, and people who haven’t trained at all. Tags:Random Guy is Amazing, silverlake sprint triathlon, spring triathlon.

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Race Analysis: Ironman 70.3 Raleigh

Kienle is CONFIRMED to be racing so he’s the favorite. We do know that Daniela Ryf is racing Switzerland 70.3 so she will probably win unless something goes really wrong. Chattanooga was a solid start to the year for you but you mentioned in your race report that you suffered a bit on the run. It’s the longest I’d gone without racing, but it’s been a busy year with 4 household moves that have landed us in Kansas City, which has been pretty amazing! We love it here and are finally feeling a bit more settled. Something that normally comes a lot easier to me was a struggle that day, but it was still a good day – getting back out there is such a gift! And yes, after each race I seem to get a big boost in fitness, and I am excited to carry that over into Raleigh 70.3. The race last year was exciting!! Meredith is an amazing athlete and was very consistent all day. I’ll be ensuring I’m looking after myself in the days before the race, keeping on top of fluids etc. Will be conscious on race day of my body temperature and use appropriate cooling techniques if necessary. You wrote in your race report about St. George that you were a bit flat on race day and did not race up to your capabilities. We will bring you analysis on how the races could play out, start list updates and input from the Professional athletes themselves.

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Atlanta Triathlon Club

She does not like to go to races with me since the vacation revolves around me and the race versus the vacation on which I happen to be racing. I trained for this race during the USAT National Challenge Club Competition. The main thing I missed in this race build was the long, aerobic workouts that have been my bread and butter Ironman training sessions in the past. Finally, renting a car in New Zealand is a must if you want to do anything besides going to the race site. I drank water and powerade while walking to race and ate a banana anbout an hour before with 200 calories of chocolate UCANN.My bike needed very little setup so I went to race start chatting with everyone as usual. We came back into town, got my bike, watched more of the race and then got a big, juicy $22 burger complete with beetroot, onion, eggs, avocado, bacon, cheese, and a bunch of other stuff. Texas is perfect timing for a solid CDA training day with my brother and racing with him trumps everything. Lots of hot springs – both totally natural and naturally fed – very soothing after a tough race. You can not check into the race until you clean it in their soapy bins in front of them so don’t forget your wetsuit at race checkin. I forgot mine since I had dipped a couple times before during practice swims, but I had to go back, get it and re-dip it at race checkin.

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I started competing in triathlons in 2006 and I have competed in over 70 triathlon and running events including a 4 Ironman events and have qualified for Boston. In 2015 I competed at the ITU Age Group World Championships in Chicago in both the sprint and Olympic distance races and placed in the top 50 in my age group. I began coaching in the fall of 2010 and over the last six years I have helped grow the sport in my area. I have coached several hundred athletes to finishes in triathlon and running events ranging from their first 5K to the Ironman. I hold a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Human Performance. In the past I have attended the USAT Youth and Junior coaching clinic and held certifications through USA Cycling and ACSM. I prefer beginner and intermediate athletes who are new to the sport or new to the distance. I like to introduce them to all the sport has to offer and help them navigate the complexities associated with training for three sports. I also like to work with those athletes that are busy and have to maximize their training time fit workouts into a busy family, work and life schedule. I work as a triathlon coach and teach science to teenagers. I have personal experience in balancing family, work, and training and want to help other busy athletes who want to accomplish their race goals.

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