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Boca Raton Triathletes

Nicole Boger is an Ironman triathlete, nutritionist, personal trainer and expert fitness Coach. Sport Management from the University of Connecticut and holds numerous ceritifications in triathlon, personal training & strength and conditioning. Nicole has over 15 years of professional experience in coaching, personal training, & strength and conditioning. During this time, Errol served as Vice President and President of Gold Coast Triathletes, obtained his USAT Coaching certification, and been mentored by National and Olympic coach Lance Watson for over 8 years. The goal of SBT is to provide coaches with a sound platform in which to develop individualized training plans that will achieve intended physiological objectives. SBT provides an advantageous approach to optimizing training by integrating BOTH applied physiology and applied biochemistry in order to provide precise individualization of each training program. She has worked directly with Shannon, The founder, for over 10 years and performs physiological testing and data application primarily with our South Florida clients but also manages System Based Training implementation for all regions. In 2004, in order to get in shape, he started to train with a triathlon doing his first race in August 2004-a half ironman in 5 hours and 41 minutes. Since then he never stopped, and now he trains 30 hours plus a week chasing a Kona spot in the professional field and has completed 17 ironmans, and more than 17 half-ironman. Richard worked at Training Bible coaching until 2008 when then he founded RW Training.

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Coaching Triathlon, Ironman and Multisport Athletes

At the time there were very few triathlon coaches and no formal coach education programme in the UK. As soon as the then BTA offered the L2 award Simon applied, studied and qualified as one of the UK’s first L3 triathlon coaches. With a strong emphasis on working with athletes who have ambitions to complete an ironman event Simon has now helped over 300 people achieve this goal. Some are first timers who just want to beat the cut offs, but there are also those who seek to qualify for the ‘holy grail’ of Ironman performance – qualifying to race in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. Many athletes have been on his books for more than 5 years and his efforts have been rewarded with 5 Coach of the year awards. Despite his busy schedule, Simon is still competing as an age group athlete and regularly competes in 1-2 ironman events each year. Limiting himself to no more than 20 athletes per year, spaces on Simons athlete list are rare, maybe 1-2 per year. Close My coaching philosophy looks at the bigger picture of what makes an athlete achieve their triathlon ambitions. Head Triathlon Coach at the University of Birmingham where she coaches and runs a club of 120 triathletes including a high performance squad of 12. Louise first started coaching in 2003, coaching for the Black Country Triathletes, Redditch triathlon and BRAT clubs and on the British Triathlon Junior High Performance camps and training days. She has trained athletes at all distances as well as single discipline athletes competing in cycling and ultra running.

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Triathlon Life

One huge caveat here-I’m a novice in the world of triathlon training and am offering information here purely for friends who are curious to hear what I’m experimenting with. She transformed my swimming from a few sputtering laps in the pool to confidently swimming out & back across half-mile lake. SwimmingWhen I signed up for my first triathlon a handful of years ago, I could swim, but with my head mostly above water. With the swim as my weakest link, I’ve thrashed around a bit looking for what seems to fit best to get my freestyle stroke to the next level. I’ve also got the Total Immersion book on open-water swimming; let me know if you want to borrow it!Swim Smooth. After being dissuaded from purusing Total Immersion further, I started looking for other sources of instruction, and just picked up two of the Swim Smooth videos. Before I even had time to dive into those, my triathlon team launched a partnership with…Tri Swim Coach. So now I’m signed up for the Tri Swim free video series, and will probably join as well so that I’m on the same page with the rest of the team. As a performance / measurement junkie in my professional life, it’s been fun to apply that mindset in my triathlon life as well. I feel like strength work will be important both to getting faster and to staying healthy as I get older, so I’m really excited to begin this new chapter!MoreThere’s always more beyond the Swim, Bike, Run stuff like gadets for tracking workouts and the software to track them in, etc.

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Triathlon is a Way of Life

A triathlete who thought he would never be able to do an Ironman after he suffered a shoulder injury trained for two years to get the mobility back and finally made it to the event. The training means you have to stay focused and driven, even if you don’t feel like getting out of bed at 4am before work or go to the pool later in the evening. The social life and networking is great too and it’s a very supportive and inclusive sport for people of all abilities. Fitting two sessions a day around work and home life is often difficult, but this is the reason for participating in a race or even just doing a triathlon! So as triathletes, we ensure we can do our training despite everything that life throws at us. I remember being inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay, who obviously has a ridiculously busy life but still manages to fit in his marathon training. Trying to work through the problem has helped me to stay focussed during the long breaks away from full training. The training for that is such that it really calls for a big commitment so it’s not a decision to take lightly. The UAE has fantastic facilities for Triathlon and the sport is understandably quite popular here. Triathlon is inclusive, supportive and friendly, especially here in the UAE, so you’ll have all the help you need to get you going. We were all beginners once and definitely know how it feels to start out! The best thing to do is to get a coach who will build structure into your training, which will repay you in bucket-loads.

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