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A busy week, amidst the sunshine, then ice and frozen/burst pipes… « Fit Recovery

I played tennis with my wife in the morning, went to the beach as a family, went for a short bike ride, played some more tennis, ate dinner and played cards till it was time for bed. Wednesday, it rained in the morning but the sun was out and it was in the mid-60’s by the time we were on our way to the airport. Needless to say, I didn’t get a ride in on the trainer. Folks, that’s the actual temperature on Friday morning. Finally, yesterday morning I was able to don the cycling shoes again and put in an excellent 26 miles in an hour on the trainer. Missing two days, I still managed to burn more than 3,500 calories last week with all of the tennis, bike riding and my one indoor cycling workout. My wife and I didn’t take our bikes to Florida. In any event, I took Bella to her swim meet yesterday afternoon and I’ve got Josie this morning so I can head home early, get my ride in and then head to the bowling ally. As for the leisure bike, my previous statements on them stand They feel like riding a La-Z-Boy on the short, slow treks. Trying to put some pedal down over a distance, they are less comfortable than a 3″ thick gel saddle on a $4,000 race bike after a 75 mile ride.

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Jess DID an Ironman!

Apparently, it’s been going on for quite awhile, year after year torturing its riders with cold, wind, rain, and snow. You have to admit it’s kind of awesome you start it off with a ferry ride. People hopped on their bikes while still on the ferry – which was nothing short of terrifying. If you wanted to ride this race fast, I’d suggest making sure you start at the front of the pack, or possibly starting with the first ferry ride group. About halfway through the ride there’s a stop in a local park – cookies and other baked goods, coffee/tea/hot chocolate, chili, hot dogs, etc. Technically, my computer on my bike said the temp was higher – but it was so miserable. I don’t know why – if it was the wind, the higher speeds coasting down hills after climbing them the forever shade in between the coniferous trees but it was bad. That said, it was still a beautiful place to ride, with fun stuff to look at, and crazy people to ride near. Lots of bike groups were out – riding together, 3-10 people all matching. We rushed to make the ferry only to find this line. Then then we almost got to the front of the line to get on the ferry – when they stopped letting people on.

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Fundraiser by Kevin Rhinehart

In the years leading up to my stroke, I was busy; some would say too busy. With encouragement from the Idaho State University Speech and Language Program, I helped start a Stroke Recovery Support Program for stroke survivors. As my stamina slowly increased, I began to go on longer bike rides and swims. He got to know I was a stroke survivor and my vision behind wanting to participate in triathlons. To Give Stroke Survivors Hope.The main reason I do the triathlons is very clear to me: To give stroke survivors hope. Since that day in October 2015, I repurposed my life to helping stroke survivors find meaning and hope for their lives. Each stroke survivor needs to find their own passion, something that motivates them to achieve more than they at first thought possible. Stroke survivors CAN!How You Can Help.I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am so excited about my life post stroke. If you are interested in partnering with me to help me to continue helping me participate in triathlons, you can make contributions via GoFundMe or PayPal, or cash. On behalf of myself and stroke survivors everywhere, Kevin Rhinehart, Stroke Survivor and Triathlete www.

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sebprotri – Sébastian Crawford

A great day out at the first Tin Man race of the year that took place outside Sun-coast Casino. Started of with a great swim as the water conditions were amazingly flat then the swell picked up after we rounded the first buoy, then keeping a constant comfortable pace till the end of the swim leg. After having a quick first transition I jumped on my bicycle and I tapped out a rhythm through out my whole cycle leg. Then onto the run leg settling into my stride almost straight away which allowed me to dig deep in the last Kilometer on the run. A solid Personal best today by 8 minutes, I’m so chuffed with this result and now look forward to my up and coming races. Closing off I would like to just take a moment to thank family and friends for all the support, As well as my Triathlon coach Carl Storm along with my cycling coach Shaun Peschl from Peschl Sports, Along with Sport and Recreation and Prime Human Performance Institute for their facilities and assistance, Last but not least thanks to Ross Henry from Pick n Pay Westville Junction for his contentious support. Thanks to my coaches for believing in me and to Damian Bradley from B-active Sports for a great race.

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