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Eric Harr: 10 Great Reasons to Do a Triathlon

Although the reasons people do a triathlon differ, the benefits are universal. That’s what this column is about-it outlines the 10 benefits you can reap from training for and completing a triathlon. Nothing burns more calories than training for a triathlon. Training for a triathlon will reconnect you with your body and make you feel like you haven’t felt in years: young, energetic and powerful. Training for a triathlon incorporates three very different sports. Training for something as complete as a triathlon lays a foundation of fitness that will ensure that your later years are more pain-free and fun filled-so you’ll not only add years to your life but you’ll also add life to your years. Plus, training for a triathlon gets you outdoors, and spending time in the beauty of nature is bound to boost your mood! If the variety of training for a triathlon isn’t enough to keep you motivated-don’t worry. You will begin to see each triathlon training session for what it can be: a unique opportunity for personal growth, a celebration of life and a relaxing pause in your otherwise hectic and stressful life. Completing a triathlon will provide you, and those around you, with physical proof that you are capable of more than anyone realizes.

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The Triathlon Chef: 2012

When life starts to get monotonous, i start to wonder what is our purpose in life. As i started to be exposed to more when i enter the industry, seeing the other side of the glamorous, it really got me thinking…. Sometimes i wish there was a reset button in life, one press and we could start all over again making better decisions based on educated guess. Took some time off to collect my thoughts, sort things out in life. In April this year, i made some plans and started to empty out my bank account, every last penny i saved over the year! I thought starting from Zero will be like a reset in life, starting everything afresh. Took up Scuba Diving, something i wanted to do for years but always postpone with excuses in life and work. Went for Open water and Advance Open Water 3 months apart and planning for next dive in Phuket with my buddies next year. Got back to running and did a triathlon after stopping for a year. Its the time in life where everyone seems to grow up already. Pick up pipe smoking from a dear friend, learning the meaning of slowing down in life when everything starts to get too fast too furious again. Spending time underwater and training runs gives me so much time alone to reflect in life.

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Running, Fitness & Triathlon coach; StreetStrider dealer, Event Organizer, Motivational Speaker

Most people tend to do too much too fast too soon -Remember you should always finish feeling like you could have done more. You’ll feel good right away but it takes consistency and weeks/months before you’ll truly experience your gains in fitness. You need to commit to at least 3 days per week for your body to adapt to impact and for you to experience improvements in your walk-run fitness. Stay at a nice easy talking pace for all easy runs and recoveries between intervals. Always have a recovery day after a harder effort day. The relative speed will come when you are able to maintain that quick turnover with an increased stride length when you are fitter and stronger from interval training. Do consider adding some basic core exercises to help maintain proper body posture and improved running technique: planks, wall sits, body bridge for your glute strength, basic sit-ups and push-ups. If you are an avid runner, do those strength endurance exercises – ABC’s, in warm-up and afterwards for strength. Take a break from the impact with cross training if your body is not adjusting to the training and you have a discomfort that is not subsiding. All you need is a tried-and-true training program, good coaching advice and proper shoes.

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Balancing Life and Fitness: Five Stories of Successful Women

Some of these athletes race professionally, while others most enjoy the camaraderie of running in a group of close friends-whatever their preference and whatever their story, these athletes made it work. So don’t be afraid to lace up those running shoes again, or dust off that exercise bike. The grinds of everyday living do not have to stop you from achieving physical fitness and finding the balance in your life. Heather Durocher began running after a group of friends encouraged her to take up the sport. She has not looked back-Heather now works as a freelance writer in the Traverse City area, and runs her own Michigan running blog, michiganrunnergirl.com. Marie Morgan began running 10-11 years ago to lose weight. After losing 50 pounds and appearing in Shape Magazine, Marie now runs to win, but most of all to have fun. She runs PR Fitness in Ann Arbor, which focuses on adding strength training to running. Marie believes that selflessness plays a large part in the balance-especially as a personal trainer and running group leader. She realized the importance of placing the training needs of others in front of her own when she began PR Fitness, and has since started doing her long runs with her sister or on her own.

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