Push Hard Multisport News for 05-25-2018

Spouse, parent, work, triathlon – 5am’s never felt so good.

I work in the stock markets and my area, despite doing well, decided that they needed to cut costs and the method of cost cutting happened to be employee overhead. They let a number of good people go and my name happened to be one of them. I was told to never feel entitled when I first started working and always had that mindset. Then run like hell with everything you have inside you and work as hard as you can. My biggest pet peeve is when people work extremely hard for their employer but let their personal lives go through the sewers. My motto is to work as hard for myself as I do for other people And I work incredibly hard for others. Just because I wasn’t going to my usual place of work didn’t mean that there wasn’t work to be done. Quietly I went about my days, working hard for myself and loving the freedom. I’ve decided to take some time off before starting work again and will continue my routine of up at 5am, workout, continue on my day, working hard for myself. Having sorted out most of my feelings and found direction for my career, I feel like I can blink now and take some time to reflect and direct some attention to blogging once again. For now it’ll be some home renos, lots of working out and some down time to recoup a bit.

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Matt Gerrard

Check-in started at 6:30 a.m., with welcome to the racers at 7:45 and start at 8:00. You have enough to worry about with the race without adding stress over just finding your way around on top of that. With time, you can take your time getting set up and you won’t be stressing out about anything but the race. Lesson #2: Unless your race is happening somewhere that you can walk around in bare feet, you’ll need two pairs of shoes: your running shoes, which you’ll leave in the transition area, and whatever you wear for everything else. As more people arrived, I tried to get an idea of how many would be in the race and where I’d be seeded. At 7:45 the room was packed with racers, a few of their friends, and lifeguards. The four-minute racers and the early five-minute racers looked like they’d been practicing swimming this way. The later five-minute racers and the six-minute racers started bunching up as people passed each other going both up and down the lanes. The later six-minute racers and the seven-minute racers started getting nervous, but then we saw that the field was starting to spread back out. The number had to visible throughout the race, so once I started getting dressed in the transition area I realized my mistake.

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The team will train together from February to September of 2018 with regular weekly swims, bike, and run workouts. The growth of triathlon has led to an abundance of training programs for the amateur athlete, but group training options are few and far between for top athletes. Sharone Aharon, an internationally-known coach of world-class triathletes and the founder of Well-Fit Triathlon and Training, serves as head coach of the Well-Fit Elite Team. Coach Sharone recently served as an assistant coach with the USA Triathlon National team, where he experienced the value of the team concept first hand. Goals Dramatically improve team members’ race performances. Achieve top-level race results at selected team races. Attend two of three team races for the 2018 season Early 1/2IM race. Have fun! The SWAG. Team members have access to the Well-Fit Training Center, customized training program, free team uniform, planned social events, and additional discounts from our sponsors. Athletes include: full membership at the Well-Fit Training Center, day by day training program created by. Sharone Aharon on your own free Training Peaks premium account, four coached group workouts per week,one free team uniform and additional perks from sponsors.

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Colorado XTERRA Athletes

After years of long distance racing, a new job, and busy kiddos Xterra was the perfect change. I started out the season with the simple goal of finishing a race! My MTB skills were a bit on the shaky side and I was still suffering from some PTSD after a nasty fall a year ago. I have come to really appreciate the natural beauty and laid-back community that Xterra racing provides. Some people had been asking me all season if I was trying to qualify for Maui and my honest answer was NO. I just wanted to enjoy and finish races. Plus, my beau had qualified for Maui and though I was content to be sherpa-extraordinaire, we both knew it would be awesome if we both raced that day. Utah wasn’t a perfect race for me – far from it. My back locked up on me from the get-go on the bike which made for a very long tough climb but once I got to the top I was so happy to just be racing. I started racing Xterra back when the Mountain Championship was held in Keystone Colorado about 15 years ago. I have also been blessed to race this season with Michelle, camping and traveling around Colorado to race Lory, Beaver Creek, Buffalo Creek, Utah and now Maui. My goal for Sunday’s race is simply to embrace that and race the best I can from start to finish.

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