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How To Fit Training Into A Busy Schedule

Unlike Professional athletes, who focus each day around their training sessions and recovery, we must try to fit in some training around an already busy weekly schedule. 2016 was my first year training for an Ironman, and it was my busiest year work wise. By letting someone know you have signed up for your event, it will give you that extra drive and motivation to get out and get your training done. This will show you how many hours you actually have available to allocate each week to training for your event. Dont create unneccessary stress before you have even started training! You now know how many hours you have available to train each week, so now you can begin to schedule in your training sessions at the most suitable and convenient times. When you have a structured plan either written down on paper or typed up on a document or program like Training Peaks, it makes it far easier to stick to the plan. You can prepare your training gear the night before, have your food/nutrition ready for the day ahead. This allows you to be able to get up the following day and be ready to go. This gets easier with practice, but it is one of the reasons my training has been so consistent. I was limited to 10-15 hours each week for my Ironman training.

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Triathlon Training & Coaching

A competitive runner turned professional triathlete I made it a point to make what I thought were the best choices and product purchases for optimal health. During my pre-natal and post-partum phases, I truly became familiar with how powerful marketing and product labels can be. What makes a product ‘healthy’ goes a lot deeper than claims or pretty pictures of flowers and herbs on the product label or in advertisements. To really know if a product is good for you you have to dig a little. Call it serendipity, but right around the time I scheduled my first dentist appointment, I got the opportunity to test the toothpaste, oral rinse, gum and mints from the Spry Dental and Oral Care Product line made by Xlear. The Spry products are made with xylitol, a natural sweetener that not only tastes pleasant, but has unique dental benefits that promote oral health. Using products with Xylitol like the Spry toothpaste, oral rinse, gum and mints help to promote healthy gums, reduce the risk of tooth decay. The first thing I noticed was how pleasant the products were to experience. I started testing the Spry Dental and Oral health care products at the end of February. I’m still using all of the products today, over two months later and plan to continue to do so.

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I can only guess what the sender was trying to say – my wife, Shona, was amused though. It’s been a busy week at work so training has taken a bit of a hit. After the Pine Ridge 10k last Sunday I was pretty happy and spurred on with the result – 107th out of c.650 in all age groups – so Monday was taken as a rest day. Wednesday turned out to be another day off but come Thursday morning I got down to the pool for 30mins first thing and was then also able to complete the 6km time trial run organsied by my club in the evening before coaching an hour of swimming. Last year on the 3 times that I did it I was consistently running at 26.57mins. This year, on the first one of the winter training season, I managed 25.38mins. Friday was another rest day but Saturday morning I was back in the pool whilst the kids had their swimming lessons. As it happens, its been teaming with rain today, all day, so the idea of a long run would have been a very damp one. I was 275th out of 1,848 participants last year in a time of 1:09:52 so I have a target. It’s not helping though that the Christmas party season is really kicking in now so I can see that the next few weeks are going to be difficult to fit training, work, family and partying in.

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Triathlon Transformations – Experience Life

Two years, countless fun runs and one marathon later, she saw a triathlon flyer at her gym. Molnar’s transformation through triathlon affected more than her physical self. To wit, because she had included some personal details on her entry form for the Hawaii Ironman in 1998, the World Triathlon Corporation caught wind of her fitness transformation. What brings many people to triathlon in the first place is its increasing accessibility. Triathlon coach Jared Berg, 32, also based in Boulder, Colo., coaches about 50 athletes throughout the country, including many beginners in health club-based triathlon training programs. Triathlon provides balance by strengthening the upper body with the swim and the lower body with the bike and run. Molnar is grateful to have restored her health through triathlon, and she is most appreciative of the friends she has made along the way, including meeting her husband on a training run. Molnar loves the reaction she gets when sharing her triathlon accomplishments. Sufficient fluid replacement is crucial when training for and competing in a triathlon. Brad R. Moser, MD, is a sports medicine specialist in Minneapolis, Minn., and the co-medical director of the Life Time Fitness Triathlon.

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