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Here we are, almost mid August and no races done or planned for this month. Apart from training as usual which includes plenty of running and some Strength and Core workouts, some friends and I decided to make it interesting and do a 30 day challenge. The great thing about it is that six of us are doing it together, therefore there is great banter and amazing support between us, making sure we get it done daily, on top of our busy lives which already includes a lot of training. I believe to make things work you need to work hard but you also need to enjoy it and need to have fun! This is why I asked my friends to each take a picture of themselves while doing a Plank, a Sit up or a Squat. One person, which I won’t name and shame didn’t take a picture. So here we are, working hard but adding fun to our training. On the back of us six doing this challenge, I also got some work colleagues, including my two managers to get involved which is great! Running can become repetitive and to a certain extent, boring to some people. Don’t let it become that way and get involved with others, your mates, and like we are doing this month, add something to your running/training, add fun! Everyone should be enjoying it. Anyone wondering about the Racecheck visors, please check the site.

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NYCTri – Countdown to the NYC Triathlon!

I had a rhythm down when swimming in the pool and was excited to see it translate to the open water. We got there, met the rest of the team, pulled on our wetsuits and waited anxiously, excitedly, and nervously to hit the water. After splitting up into 3 groups, we ran in! No swimming at first – just getting acclimated to the waterand getting loose. Stroke – the water was murky and it was hard to see. Stroke – I had heard that ocean swimming can be like swimming in a washing machine and I was suddenly aware of the waves and all that was different from the pool. Ok, back into the water, where I was greeted by some TNT pals – some who were experiencing the same thing I was, and others who swam next to me and offered their own advice. By the time the open water swim ended, I was just getting comfortable. Ok so maybe my first attempt at open water swimming wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be, but it was a learning experience and can only get better. The next ocean swim is in July so you can bet that I’ll be back out at Coney Island – wetsuit and all – working on my open water swimming before then. We’re supposed to be able to swim 20 consecutive minutes before the triathlon, and I did 17 right off the bat pretty easily and ended up swimming a total of 40 mins.

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Personal Trainer, Group Exercise expert and Triathlete.

As a triathlete it is our number one goal to better ourselves, be proud of a new PB. Recently Simon produced a little video about advice and what advice to follow and this got me thinking about what I think is the key to improvement. First up, need to buy some new wheels some new lighter trainers and how about some more aggressive aero bars to refine my aero tuck. You see some of the improvement could be down to experience, nutrition or just a better base from having a years racing under my belt. We even have a tag #nevermissaride – LOVE IT! I nailed that race with a 9:49 Ironman PB and spent less money on kit than in the 6 years before. Like all of you I strive to improve and I do year in year out but I will always know that my best performance will come off the back of regular and uninterrupted work. The definition seems obvious but I love definition term 2. If you train regularly, with consistent behaviour then you will hold together under pressure, you will have more solidity and cohesion in those tough race times. You won’t fall apart or come undone because your consistency is improved. Consistent behaviour = Firmness, density and stability. Try it – focus on just being regular, skipping less workouts and find ways to avoid missing sessions.

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high five to that

So my dream-slash-obsession for the second half of 2014 is to train for a triathlon. Reading about each discipline and the training, nutrition and gear required. Since I got back from Rollercon* I’ve slowly started putting in to place some extra training specific to my pursuit of triathlon glory! I started telling people my goal. The more people I tell, the more it becomes real to me and I want to hold myself accountable and DO THIS! I’m looking at training and competing in a sprint distance Tri by January 2015. While I was at Rollercon I took a Krissy Krash off skates seminar entitled ‘Beast Mode Activated’ which she spoke about how to balance cross training, time management, positive mental attitude, eating right, practices, and everything in between to truly active your beast mode. She spoke about this book called ‘168 Hours, you have move time then you think’ by Laura Vanderkam. We ALL have the same amount of time in our lives to allocate to our priorities. So I’ve started to think what IS a priority for me. Planning never really was my strong suit but it’s time to change that for myself. I’m going to start documenting some of my new found adventures in the quest of achieving some personal goals and I hope you come along for the ride (or run, or bike, or swim! ;.

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