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Confessions of a Closet Athlete: Central Valley Triathlon Club

We’ve all struggled in one or more aspects of triathlon, but we continue to work on our weak points to get better. Quite a few people have told me that they would like to do a triathlon but that they can’t swim…don’t worry, we’ve got two coaches that will get you from floundering-fish to Phelps in no time! John Griffin, head coach of the Lodi Swim Club, is also on deck. I try to avoid eye contact, so I don’t get one of his workouts 🙂 John has been a coach for the Lodi Swim Club since 1982 and has been the head coach since 1986. If your goal is to do a sprint triathlon, no problem…we do those. We had a great turn out for the Fathers Day triathlon. Coach James is still trying to decide whether he wants to be 100% coach for those races or if he wants to tackle the half aquabike again. Our first race as a team was the 2012 Golden State Triathlon in Sacramento, CA Our oldest member is in his 60’s. Married couples that train together get a discount. Coach James can be bribed with Subway or donuts Final Thoughts. We would be thrilled to meet you and help you get started on your triathlon journey! Don’t know anyone on the team… leave me a comment and I will make sure I’m at practice that day to meet you and introduce you to everyone.

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triathlon training – Derek The Cyclist

For now, I relax in the hotel, load up on coconut water, and put together my hydration/nutrition plan for race day. Race day nutrition is actually the most difficult part of triathlon for me to grasp. You need to know how much you sweat per hour, how many calories you will need to fuel your race, how you need to configure a plan to carry and/or receive those nutritional requirements on the independent race legs, and then practice this plan. My setup for this race, and hopefully for future races is to take in about 80 carbs per hour in a combination of gels, sports drink, and carb chews. Since this race is not Ironman Sponsored, I will have one water bottle of a Gatorade Endurance Formula concentrate placed behind my seat to replenish my Gatorade through the race instead of using the race provided sports drink. On my down tube, I will have fresh water to drink to thirst. A rest stop every 15 miles will refill my aero bottle for Gatorade that I will be drinking and my downtube bottle for water. A rest stop every 1.5miles will focus solely on water. In transition, I have a water bottle with a mix of Gatorade Endurance Formula and three caffeinated Gels. A quick drink pre race, and during transitions for some extra energy when transitioning from one discipline to the other.

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Busy Bellies – New Wife, Teacher in Training, & Newbie Triathlete, Cooking Healthy-ish for Two

I started this blog to chronicle my cooking, and to share with others who also try to cook while balancing a job, family, and life. It’s one thing to cook as a stay-at-home housewife, but it is a whole other beast to cook after a long day in the cubicle. To make the most of my five measly hours of free time after work each day, I’ve turned to the retro art of meal planning. Finding easy information about meal planning for busy people was difficult, and I think I just might have it almost worked out! Basically, meal planning is like creating a prix-fixe menu for each day. I still like to leave some leeway for creative choice, because after a day in a cubicle, a little freedom is refreshing for the soul. An added challenge for my cooking is making food that is mostly healthy, and isn’t a bunch of corn syrupy, pre-processed junk. My boyfriend and I are in our early 30s, so we’ve kissed our speedy 20-year old metabolisms goodbye, and have embraced Myfitnesspal.com. Last Thursday, after a day in corporate America, a long train commute, and a brisk session on the treadclimber, a quick meal was in order. Servings: About 4 for the chili, and you’ll have extra cornbread for a breakfast later. 236 for the chili 170 for a piece of cornbread. Continue reading .

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triathlete – Derek The Cyclist

Prior to the event I completed a 10mile run, and a few 50mile rides but the longest I had ridden prior to the race was 67miles in a day. Two 100+ mile days was sure going to be a challenge. It heated up around noon, I finished the day around 4pm, and stayed the night at Rockahock Campground in a nice and cozy cabin. DAY 2: LANEXA VA TO WOODBRIDGE VA. Although I finished day 1 without any major difficulties, I knew that day 2 would be a different story. It began to warm up as the day went on and I seemed to have more energy than day 1. I finished the day just before 7pm in the dark, and camped out at Oak Ridge Campground. DAY 3: WOODBRIDGE VA TO WASHINGTON DC. I can vividly remember thinking to myself that since the prior two days were complete, 45miles in day three would be a walk in the park. The day started with just about a mile of uphill riding on gravel. Fortunate for me, I was able to push through and complete the day. A very huge thank you to my parents cheering me along the way, constantly checking to see if I was ok, and if they could help in any way, best friend Brandon who does not ride who gave me a good 20mins of conversation each day just to get my mind off of boredom, and my Fiancé Darian who drove the support car with the puppy Livvi.

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