Push Hard Multisport News for 05-17-2018


It’s 2016 team application time! This is the time of year when teams and brands select the athletes they will partner with for 2016. If after doing your due diligence you are still unsure about the application process, reach out to the team and ask! Many teams accept athletes of all abilities and don’t necessarily look for a roster of podium winners, but for a few teams, results matter, and questions about your recent results are right on the application. Examples of these teams include the Timex Multisport Team, Trisports.com Elite Team, Team Zoot, and, for the guys, Team Every Man Jack. You should already own some of the brand’s gear so you can speak authentically about what you like about their stuff, Many of these types of teams have created partnerships with other companies who offer product discounts to team members. Check your favorite brand’s website and social media for more info on their team. Non-apparel brand has its own ambassador team. Their application for team members is open until 12/25. Team in Training usually focuses its fundraising around certain events and is a welcoming group for athletes who are newer to endurance sports. If you weren’t selected to the team of your dreams this time around, start working now to create a relationship with a brand or team for next year.

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Why Anyone Can do an Ironman Triathlon

Ten days ago, she completed her first Ironman triathlon, less than a year and a half after losing 70 pounds on a vegetarian diet allowed her to run her first 5K. Here’s her recap of Ironman Wisconsin. Race morning, with only my head bobbing up and down in the water, I certainly looked like an Ironman hopeful. Maybe it’s because I trained well in the months, weeks, and days leading up to race day. Maybe it’s because I raced conservatively and executed my race plan the way I was told. I started out the race as an anonymous part of 2,556 Ironman hopefuls. Whether it’s finally running that first 5K without stopping, contorting yourself into a complicated pose for yoga, hiking to the top of a mountain, or doing an Ironman, your body is capable of it. Thank you a million times over to everyone who sent me e-mails, text messages, Facebook messages, and cupcakes in the days leading up to the race. A HUGE thank you to everyone who was cheering for me on race day, whether in person or in spirit. I plan on registering to do Ironman Arizona in fall of 2011. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to resting, recovering, doing some shorter races for fun, and, if you’ll let me, writing – I love providing you with information, experiences, and random thoughts to enhance your awesomeness as a No Meat Athlete.

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Mental Running!

I had a kinda long drive to get out of the lake area and get back to the Expo. Nonetheless saw many faces I recognized, called out names, an team names for encouragement and cheering. I am anxious now and let the phone charge to 25%. I get out the car, and head over to the run course. I went out to the run course and didn’t see my friend, I was wondering if I missed her, so I started walking out, slowly. One guy was puking his guts out, other athletes were laid out on cots with ice on their heads, or things, or calves. Once back at the hotel safe, I had to hit the road. I am in this new job, and calling out is a penalty against you that hangs on for a whole year, and you are only allowed so many. Out in Ardmore, OK for a triathlon camp which began with an Open Water Swim Friday afternoon. As a matter of fact, instead of waking up an hour before we all headed out for the run, it was more like about 20-minutes. By the time I am able to get out it is after 6:00 PM. Probably good since the day was way too hot! I had been reading Runner’s World online again, and once I get to the 2-miles, it will be time to kick in and start increasing the mileage. We came out near the high school, ran along the north side of the community, past the pond, and turned back t zig-zag through.

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Personal, team and charity challenges

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes – everything from UK walks for the whole family to epic treks and cycles around the globe. There are team-building challenges, adrenaline-fuelled stunts, overseas treks for beginners, and more. Whatever your level of fitness, favourite activity, or chosen cause there will be a challenge for you. Once you’ve picked your challenge you can consult our team of experts who will walk you through everything from the kit you’ll need through to training plans and nutrition. Pick your destination You’ll find challenges at home and all over the globe – explore your favourite parts of the world like never before!UK Overseas Europe Asia. Walk the best of the British Isles Britain offers something for anyone, with challenge walks anywhere from remote peaks in the wilderness to busy city centres. Trek the classics Trekking is the most popular overseas challenge. Try multiple activities at once You’ll have to switch activities to complete these challenges. Burst out of your comfort zone Push your boundaries and test your mental grit with adrenaline stunts, survivor challenges, or other extremes – you’ll be telling the story for the rest of your life. Team up Achieve something you couldn’t do alone by teaming up with friends, family, or colleagues on an epic group challenge.

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