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We found the time to have our 5th annual New Years eve fun run. Pre-register by contacting us through the comments section of the run detroit blog, https://rundetroit. Rundetroit attempted to go for a run on the island, only to be chased by multiple dogs, cutting my run short and instead opting for a swim in the ocean. A 1.2 mile swim in Lake Michigan, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, into a brisk wind I might add, only to finish off with a 13.1 mile run in a cold 55 degree rain. It’s a beautiful swim, great bike and killer 5 mile trail run. Ten years ago I said I was going to run a marathon every year for the next ten years. First with sprint triathlons, the distances of which are approximately an 800 meter swim, 12 mile bike and 5k run. Over the past six years I have completed numerous sprint triathlons and a few Olympic distance triathlons which are a 1.5k swim(about a mile), 40k bike and 10k run. You then peel off your wetsuit, throw on a helmet and bike shoes, run out of the transition area, hop on your bike and ride ride ride. Just a lil something to cover the cost of the room! rundetroit.com has brought together a team of experts in the three disciplines of swim, bike and run to share ideas, training plans, helpful hints, and technical wisdom for every level of athlete.

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Wendy’s Triathlon World!

I had stopped running 2 weeks before the race for a hip pain that felt awfully familiar and suspicious. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get through the run but my mental strength prevailed and I finished! Not a pretty time at all but I crossed the line. Kona is the grand show and my main goal! So we decided to pull out after the bike and enjoy Whistler instead. I actually had an awesome trip out west visiting my good friend and exploring BC and Alberta! So beautiful there! I had a great swim at IMC, felt like my old self out there! They have changed many of the ironman swim starts to rolling time trial format or by age group which allows for way more room. We treated this as a dress rehearsal for Kona, so I biked as though I was going to run after as opposed to just doing the bike. Being surrounded by everything IM got me going and I wanted to run, but I planned for this and did not pack my running shoes. I actually packed my flip flops in my run transition bag. After a wonderful time out west, I am back to the grind and back to training. I am panicking a little as I have less than 10 weeks left and I somehow need to heal and be prepared to run a marathon by then. I am trying to remain optimistic and keeping my fingers crossed that I will heal in time and be able to run a strong IM marathon.

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Are You Pushing Yourself Over the Limit?

Sure, in the months leading up to today, the little voice in your head has been ever present but faint, gently motivating you to push forward with your training. For beginners especially, adding a rigorous training plan to an already busy daily routine might have you grasping at straws towards the end of the day. As you’ve increased mileage and intensity, towards the final weeks of training you may feel yourself wanting to just give up or running on empty. Hitting a plateau is often incorrectly bundled with lack of motivation but it is actually more harmful to your training regime. You know the one we’re talking about- the point in your training where you no longer find any excitement or challenge in your routine. You may feel that although you have been focusing on swimming extra laps or pushing extra miles on your run that you are not improving on your time/pace. TRAINING TIP: Studies have shown that athletes often feel discouraged at this point- do not give up! our discouragement comes from not achieving the ‘X results’ we thought we would see by ‘X time’. This can lead to underperformance on race day or worse, pushing yourself to the brink of injury. TRAINING TIP: Quality over quantity will help you get over this emotional hump. Lower your intensity and reps or lower your overall training hours for a week.

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Transitioning from Running to Triathlon

If you love to run and know you can at least float in the water and ride a bike without training wheels, the idea of participating in your first triathlon may have crossed your mind once or twice. At a minimum, you will need: a swim suit, goggles, swim cap, road or tri bike, bike helmet, bike gloves, bike shoes if you are using clip pedals, bike shorts, a race belt for your number, tieless shoelaces, running shoes, Body Glide/TriGlide and a tri suit. Don’t go out and buy the most high-end, expensive tri bike until you know triathlons are something you’re going to want to do long-term. You may finish your first race and decide half marathons and marathons are more up your alley. Go to a local bike specialty shop and get fit for a bike so you know what size you need. Learn more from the knowledgeable staff about what kind of bikes are out there based on your needs. Once you get a few races under your belt, you’ll be able to determine if you want to upgrade to a better bike or to a tri bike. Upgrades to make your bike more aerodynamic, an aero helmet and race wheels are good investments. In addition to talking to someone else who has already done the race and learning from them, drive the course to get familiar with each part of the race. Half IRONMAN races are less mentally daunting than running a marathon.

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