Push Hard Multisport News for 04-13-2018

‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’

Although the swimming pool is heated the weather was only just starting to change for the better and so on Andy’s advice wetsuits were the order of the day This was actually really good as it provided a great opportunity to practice swimming in a wetsuit, and the extra buoyancy a wetsuit provides allowed for a week of swimming really focusing on technique. The important thing when you plan to do an extended block of training is not to get carried away and nuke yourself in the first two days. The day finished off with an awesome Birthday cake and an Idle Breaks cycling jersey as a present from the group. Wednesday 31st March: Frank and Alan had planned a steady day for the girls focusing on transitions. We rode for 3 1/2hrs covered 50 miles and did 6400ft of climbing, a tough but great day in the saddle. Another cracking day came to an end with a brilliant meal and a chat about training, a couple of beers and an early night. The gradients were comfortable but with 3 good days in my legs and no respite the back end of the climb was challenging. At the top I turned round, span down until I reached some of our group coming up then turned and did another 3 miles of climbing, well it’s not every day you get to play on an Alpine type Climb!!! The wind seemed to be plotting against us all week, and so it was on the return ride home. The rest of day was spent in the ice bath, drinking a cheeky beer or two in the jacuzzi and then sleeping and bike packing. My totals for the 5 days; 5 rides, 15hrs, 215 miles, 4 runs, 2 1/2hrs and 4 swims 2 1/2hrs, plenty of stretching and a bit of core work for a total of 20hrs.

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The Skechers Performance Triathlon Series

As a professional triathlete, Richard Pady has represented Canada at 5 World Championships, 4 Ironman events and has 14 years of high performance training in the sport of triathlon. At NRG Performance Training we combine science and experience to optimize your performance. To ensure the most effective training program we use lactate testing to set out individualized heart rate and power zones as well as monitoring performance improvements. Our individualized programs will optimize your training time and race performance whether you are a beginner or professional athlete. At NRG Performance Training we believe in offering the highest level of service and we believe the only way to accomplish this is by limiting the number of athletes each coach will work with. CL Performance Training offers much of what an athlete needs to achieve their goals in triathlon including online and in-person triathlon coaching, personal training, training camps, bike servicing and bike fitting. Chris is a certified personal training specialist and an NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach. Whether you are looking to start a fitness program, do your first triathlon, or are training for an Ironman, Chris will provide you with the training and guidance to help you make your goals a reality and have fun along the way. Sheri is a Triathlon Ontario competition certified coach with a fantastic support staff of 12 certified coaches who all also train and compete. My degree in psychology, coupled with my extensive formal training in coaching methods, and my own athletic experience, allows me to develop effective training on a personal level.

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About Us

The LA Tri Club was founded in August 2000 after Paul Hekimian presented Larry Turkheimer and Nick Gardner with his vision of an independent triathlon club to benefit the triathlon community in and around Los Angeles. They enlisted the help of a few others, including Holger Beckmann, Ian Murray, Lloyd Taylor, Jerry Enriquez, and Julie Oh, to help launch the early LA Tri Club with the goal of building a strong community of triathletes linked together by a sense of camaraderie. Through this network of like-minded athletes, the exchange of ideas and information about training, gear, etc. Over time, structured training sessions led by professional coaches and group member-led trainings led to both individual and team success. As the sport became even more popular, LATC continued to expand its membership base, affiliations with coaching leaders in the community, and local and national race leaders. This allowed the club to provide greater support to members with quality resources, robust training events, and a stronger race presence. Since the beginning, LATC has sought to help members find balance between their busy lives and families, and a sometimes all-consuming training / racing schedule. Today, LATC continues to promote the enjoyment of the Triathlon Lifestyle to a wider community and supports members of all skill-levels and abilities. We are proud of the value offered in membership and the over 10,000 athletes we have supported over the years. The spirit and life of the LA Tri Club resides in its members and their support for one another, and we give thanks to our members for 18 awesome years.

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