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We were really at States! That day, Thursday, there is a welcome ceremony thing on the top of the mountain that would be mile 4 of our race Saturday. The passion up there for the race was palpable and I could tell I was going to be partaking in something very special. More Vfuel gels or drink mixes, an Elete Electrolyte flask in a couple, socks in most of them despite me never changing during races, a pair of shoes in 2 of them for just in case, and a headlamp. For Western being such a big race, it for me was very very quiet out on the course after Robinson. Feeling the day a bit, but excited for the race to really begin, I ran quick and easy into Foresthill(62), right on time and right in the female position I wanted to be in. We got there, Auburn Lakes(85), I sat down on a cot since I figured I’d get to end my race there from pain, and embarrassment of how my race was ending and Zach kindly went off to get me soup and ask them and every other aid station for any icy hot or anything like that. The volunteers wished us well, the giant screen playing old race footage and lights made things feel special, the sky was lighting up, and the finish actually felt close, for the first time all night. Talked with lots of friends, congratulated them and tried to figure out how to answer when they kindly asked about my race. What’s hard about this one is that despite how hard 100’s are for me, I would love to race again for redemption, but I feel like there is no race to do that in other than Western States, and who knows the next time I’ll get in again. How my massage therapist could feel the damage in there the entire post race week.

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From Party-Boy to a Triathlon junkie!

I write this after returning home from Castle Howard Olympic distance Triathlon with a very disappointing and frustrating DNF for anyone who knows me not finishing a race is something I very rarely do. Think I’ve only had a total of 3 in all the races I’ve ever done. We then changed rode around the bike course adding in a few efforts at race pace to fire up the legs. Felt quite strong on the bike which is always a good feeling before a race. Race morning was the usual early morning start The early race starts are always a bit of a rush as there is always so much to sort out / set up. We arrived at the race site reasonably early and we headed to registration to collect Timing chips, race numbers and most importantly a goody bag which for some strange reason contained a razor. I normally try to avoid talking to other people in transition as i learned a good skill from a book i am currently reading which speaks about bullshit filters which around other athletes is a great tool as no matter what race you go to there is always some guys who will tell you what they haven’t been doing i’d rather hear that they are felling great and have been training hard! Anyways back to the race, by the time we had sorted out our kit in transition area and done the necessary at the nearest Porto loo it was only 30 minutes until the start of the race with the briefing only 15 minutes away. I sat in the car for a while feeling physically and mentally drained and severely pissed off that i’d travelled down this far to quit the race after only 23k into the bike. I headed back towards the race site to support Phil who was still out there racing.

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Austin Texas Triathlon News, Reviews, Events: 2014

ATC staff practice what they preach-they’re triathletes, runners, roadies, cyclocrossers, mountain bikers, former or current professional athletes, or a little bit of everything. Tristan Uhl’s Off-Road Picks Blackburn Toolmanator 3 Multitool, $44.95 – Never be stranded again! This 17-function multitool has everything you need to help you help yourself next time your bike starts to act a fool far from civilization. A pro mountain biker and cat 1 on the road, Tristan started racing bikes at age 5 and has worked at ATC as a mechanic since 2009. 2014 race highlights include a stage win at the BC Bike Rrace, 1st place pro enduro category at the Transylvania Epic Stage Race, and 1st place in the cat 1/2 field on the Gila Monster Stage at Tour of the Gila. He was voted best all-around bike racer by TexasBikeRacing.com in 2014 and was Texas MTB champion in 2013 and 2014. Brandon Smith’s Road Cycling Picks Louis Garneau Tuscan Merino Socks, $14.99 – A good pair of wool socks goes a long way in keeping a rider comfortable on the bike. A cat 2 in both road and mountain biking, Brandon works in sales at ATC. He was raised in Yakima, Washington, and has been cycling for 11 years, spending seven of those years pedicabbing and six years racing. Committed to being a lifelong bike commuter, he doesn’t own a car by choice. Chris Warren’s Bike Maintenance Picks Rock N Roll Extreme Chain Lube, $9.95 – Winter is here…and with it a lot of cold, rainy miles. Tackle bike washes, chain lubes, flat repairs, wheel swaps, and more without laying the precious baby on the ground.

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