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So sorry for the radio silence; life’s sure been busy. First comes coffee, then family and loved ones, next is work, then training, and then comes fun website stuff. Dead last is housecleaning, laundry, and shopping as evidenced by the current state of my house. You’ll get 100 days of tips I picked up on my journey of losing 100 pounds. With faith, focus, and friendship, living fit in a busy life is possible! Two were sprint-distance races, which is generally something like a half-mile swim, a 15-mile bike ride, and then a 5K run. The first one went fine; I loved it! The second one, the Chicago Triathlon, was no small feat. I love reading detailed race reports, so I write them as I like to read them. If you’d prefer something less wordy, here are some bullet points about the Esprit de She. Esprit de She is an awesome event! I did great-reached all my goals.

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Breakthrough Triathlon Training: How to Balance Your Busy Life, Avoid Burnout and Achieve Triathlon Peak Performance: Brad Kearns: 9780071462792: Amazon.com: Books

You’ve started collecting URLs, articles, books. Yes, the repetitious messages may drive you a little nuts. As with any successful advertising or propaganda message delivery, the signal gets through. Curse Brad Kearns for telling yet another story to make the same point. Just yesterday…. I’m trail running with weights. I decided to run a 3rd loop which I only occasionally do. I’ve never run that distance, nor run for that length of time. Brad Kearns’ is onto something and I don’t think it’s coincidence that his triathlon book has an intro by Lance Armstrong while other books don’t. To repeat my message: this book needs to be part of your library. Unlike those with only the OCD minutiae, you’ll have a much better sense of how to apply it and apply it in a healthy manner.

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Coaching philosophy – Tri Sport Epping Triathlon Club

Support individuals wanting to achieve their personal goals. Details of the weekly programme of coached/led training sessions can be found here. We aim to make the sessions stimulating, varied and enjoyable for all abilities. Ensure that you are medically fit to attend and complete the session. Bring fluid to all sessions and nutrition if required. We all lead busy lives and trying to juggle our lives at work and home whilst training can be difficult. Larger numbers allow training sessions to be better structured for mixed abilities. Work on technique as well as fitness Rest and recovery between training sessions is vital. Pay attention to nutrition and hydration when training and racing. Be realistic on the quantity of training you can fit into your busy life.

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Mental Training for Triathletes Classroom

As much as they are a physical test, endurance sports are also a mental challenge as you may experience discomfort, obstacles, disappointment and anxiety during your training and races. You can set yourself up for better results by preparing your mind properly just as you would train your body. Setting Goals – learn how to set effective goals that are simple, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound. Affirmations – affirmations are a simple, yet powerful tool that you can use to create a desirable reality in training and racing. Be in the Moment – a simple trick for staying present and focused during triathlon training and racing. Finding Balance – tips for juggling training for swim, bike and run on top of an already busy life.

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Matty White

Matty offers smart, consistent training, building strength rapidly through incremental increases in work load, avoiding sessions that destroy the body for the next training session or the entire week. I am proof that his coaching training methods work and provide results, I have done everything he has told me since pairing up last year, from training, rest, recovery, diet and my trust continues to grow as his predictions continue to become true. Matty has always had faith in me even when I failed or doubted myself and my future in triathlon. One of his biggest strengths as a coach is his ability to build his athlete’s confidence, taking positive from the times when things did not go to plan.

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Eric Limkemann

Eric Limkemann leads a busy life of a professional triathlete, coach and full-time family man. With 5 professional wins and 13 podium finishes under his belt, he proves to be a master of the Ironman race circuit. Eric starting racing triathlons in 2005 after swimming at the University of Pittsburgh. With 7 conference titles and 3 school records to his credit, it’s no surprise that his racing strength is the swim although the bike is not far behind. I’m a big fan of what Dimond does as a U.S. based start-up and I hope to be a small factor in their continued success.

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Miami Triathlon Coach BodyZen

BodyZen is passionately committed to helping people achieve their performance goals and in doing so improve their health and fitness while remaining injury free. BodyZen is focused on delivering the safest, current and most knowledgeable multi. Sport training, testing and coaching programs available for individuals and groups. BodyZen is also committed to providing first class management services for World Class Professional triathletes while creating and executing successful media and marketing campaigns within the multi sport genre.

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