Push Hard Multisport News for 07-01-2018

Winter Training – Blackwater Triathlon Club

As part of the Blackwater Triathlon Club’s ongoing commitment to improvement we have arranged a number of different types of training to keep our members fit and focused over the winter. These sessions give Blackwater Triathlon Club members access to high quality coaching where they can focus on improving their technique in each of the different core triathlon disciplines as well as maintaining their strength and stamina over the winter period. This is very important as triathlon training can often be quite a solitary pursuit as members try to fit training in to busy lives, especially now as more new members join the club. As 2018 begins and the new Triathlon season rapidly approaches our current club training regime includes pool based swimming sessions, turbo training sessions for indoor cycling, two weekly core training sessions to help improve general strength and fitness, running coaching sessions and clinics and, weather permitting, Saturday morning group cycles. While the weekly turbo training sessions are an invaluable training tool during the winter months, nothing really beats getting out on the road on your bike. Unfortunately due to short days and inclement weather at this time of the year it’s not always possible, or indeed safe, to get out on the road. In order to encourage members to get out on their bikes the Blackwater Triathlon Club organises weekend cycles where groups of members can get together and head out in one or more groups, depending on numbers and fitness levels. Core strength is an important element of all three of the disciplines in triathlon. The Blackwater Triathlon Club has introduced two early morning core strength and conditioning session for members. The core is composed of multiple muscle groups including the abdominal and low back muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, latissimus dorsi, hip flexors and the gluteal muscles. A strong core helps keep the legs high while swimming and the torso upright while running.

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Source: https://blackwatertriclub.com/winter-training/

Busy February for Rockingham Triathlon Club members

ROCKINGHAM Triathlon Club members have been very active this month and competed in challenges in both Busselton, Bunbury, Champion Lakes and Geelong. At the Busselton Jetty Swim on February 10, Michelle Manning took only 59 minutes and 13 seconds to complete the journey, and teenager Michael Baker with a time total of one hour and 17 seconds. Tracey Schmidt won her age group in a cracking time of four hours and 47 minutes and second female overall. Greg Manning took the win in the 30-39 age group shorter distance Sprint Triathlon and smashed his opposition, crossing the line in one hour one minute and fourth overall while Natasha Pertwee replicated Manning’s performance posting one hour six minutes to win her age group. Martin recorded the second fastest bike leg at 42km to finish fourth in his age group and fifth overall while Rose, who missed a podium spot in her age group, finished fourth after a great effort on the bike. At Champion Lakes on February 18, it was Race Four of the TRI WA series and club members were once again challenging themselves over varying distances. In the duathlon, Josh Brown whizzed around the course and finished second overall and first in his age category while Alex McDougal was the first female to cross the line and win her category very comfortably. Whiteman, who competed in the 50-54 age group, was in close range of the leaders in all three legs and eventually finished fifth in her category and 349th overall and registered a time of five hours and 23 minutes. In the 60-64 age group Ware also had his work cut out transitioning from the bike to run in fourth spot but managed to claw his way into second position in a time of four hours and 54 minutes. The Rockingham Tri Club members battled with the humidity but delivered top performances in their age groups, and are hopeful of being selected to represent Australia in the World Triathlon Championships to be held on the Gold Coast in September.

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Source: https://www.communitynews.com.au/weekend-courier/sport/busy-february-for-rockingham-triathlon-club-members

Free 6 week Olympic distance training plan

For everybody else, we need to fit our training around busy modern lives, which usually includes a home life, work life and a social life, and so often something has to give. When you realise that you’re not paid to train and your family come first, then often you need to sacrifice the amount of training you do. This shouldn’t mean giving up and stopping challenging yourself – there’s always a way to achieve your goals – but you need to be well structured and strict with your training time. This six-week plan to get time-crunched athletes to the start, and ultimately finish, of an Olympic triathlon is suitable for those who only have 1hr to train each week day and have a little more available time on the weekend. In order to be successful as an athlete limited on time you must be very good at time management, be able to divide up your day and treat training sessions like appointments that can’t be missed. Due to the fact that training can’t last too long during the week, it’s crucial to focus more on the intensity of the sessions, making them more vigorous and challenging. Racing Olympic triathlon requires you to absorb fairly high levels of effort, so the inclusion of interval and tempo sessions during the week will help get you used to that feeling of discomfort, while keeping the weekend for that one longer endurance session helps to keep the balance between covering the distance and doing it to the best of your ability. This training plan is varied but well balanced between the amount of swim, bike and run necessary. If there was a key session not to miss in the week it would be the multi-brick, which gets you race ready, simulates that feeling of being at your upper limit and running off the bike in order to gauge your best pace. Time is precious, so make sure you structure the sessions into your day like an appointment.

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Source: http://www.220triathlon.com/training/training-plans/free-6-week-olympic-distance-training-plan/11919.html

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