Push Hard Multisport News for 06-29-2018

Washington, North Carolina Map & Directions

The closest major city is Greenville, approximately 20 miles to the west. James Bonner, Washington is the first city named after George Washington, the first president of the United States. As of the census of 2000, there were 9,583 people, 3,968 households, and 2,468 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,475.2 people per square mile. There were 4,399 housing units at an average density of 677.2 per square mile. The racial composition of the city was: 51.78% White, 45.50% Black or African American, 2.72% Hispanic or Latino American, 0.49% Asian American, 0.17% Native American, 0.02% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, 1.04% some other race, and 1.00% two or more races.

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PE-born triathlete wins 5150

Winning the inaugural Standard Bank 5150 African Triathlon Series at home is a wonderful feeling, Port Elizabeth-born amateur triathlete Jeren Seegers said. The former Grey High School pupil, who now lives in Johannesburg, crossed the finish line at Kings Beach in two hours, three minutes and six seconds yesterday. Making its debut in Port Elizabeth yesterday, the race attracted a total of 700 athletes who took part in the shorter sprint and Olympic distance events. In the women’s section, 42-year-old Kelly van der Toorn, from the Western Cape, dedicated her win to her three children. Van der Toorn is originally from England but has been living in South Africa for more than five years. In the sprint race Jamie Riddle was the first male home and Maria Riane Pieters the leading female.

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Source: http://www.heraldlive.co.za/sport/2016/11/21/pe-born-triathlete-wins-5150

10 Tips for Doing Yoga On-the-Go

A fellow Three Sisters Yoga graduate recently shared with me that her most difficult challenge is finding enough time for her yoga practice. So I’ve come up with some tools to keep up with my daily yoga practice. Practice an inversion every day if you only have time for one yoga pose. You never know when you’ll need to drop in for some yoga time. You may find some time in between your busy schedule to drop into your local yoga class. Make time for 1-2 yoga classes per week at least depending on your schedule. Find time to practice yoga and socialize all in the same evening. Make the intention to dedicate more time to your yoga practice. Create your yoga schedule and try to follow it the best you’re able. Set aside a short yoga and/or meditation at bedtime.

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Source: https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/10-tips-for-doing-yoga-on-the-go

Charleston, SC Personal Running & Triathlon Coaching

Without Limits practices are based on what is called BEHAVIORAL SYNCHRONY – When people work together their brains release mood lifting, discomfort suppressing endorphins, which in turn reduce the perceived effort of running swimming or biking under a given intensity. At our practices, our coaches set you up for success by creating structured workouts with other athletes at your level, that will guarantee improvement. Set your next goal and let Without Limits put the program together for you! Practices are held in Hampton Park in Downtown Charleston. You’re guaranteed to have fun and work hard with our tough and talented Without Limits Charleston, SC coaches. They’ll help you to find it within yourself to reach any goal.

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Source: https://www.iamwithoutlimits.com/charleston-old

Middaugh’s Coaching Corner

XTERRA World Champion Josiah Middaugh and his brother Yaro have signed on to write bi-monthly training tips for the XTERRA Tribe. Their column, titled the MIDDAUGH COACHING CORNER, will feature a year-long series of training articles talking about everything from race preparation to sport-specific philosophy. The Middaugh brothers are certainly qualified to be the voice of reason and a source the XTERRA Tribe can trust. Josiah has a master’s degree in Kinesiology and has been a certified personal trainer for 16 years. Yaro also has a master’s degree and has been an active USAT certified coach for a decade. Learn more about the Middaugh brothers and their coaching business online at www.

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Source: https://www.xterraplanet.com/training/coaching-corner

Weight Loss Program That Really Works

FINALLY EATING RIGHT. No meal-planning! Greg fast-tracked his new healthy lifestyle with Diet-to-Go. IMPRESSING THE DOCS. The doctor’s jaw dropped at Tina’s amazing life-changing health improvements. A CAREER INSPIRING OTHERS. After losing weight herself, Elizabeth now helps others transform their lives too! FROM COUCH TO TRIATHLON. Alan went from an out-of-shape couch potato to a triathlon participant! STOPPED COMPARING. Jen stopped comparing herself to others and lost 50lbs as a result!*. A NEW LEASE ON LIFE. Blake turned to Diet-to-Go to make healthy food choices easy, and it worked!

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Source: https://www.diettogo.com/success-stories

The Official Website of Giovanni Roselli

Not everyone is destined to become a marathoner, triathlete or world class body builder. Giovanni Roselli brings a broad range of experience and wide array of certifications to his Fitness Coaching. It’s time for a new paradigm, an approach to Nutrition + Motion that is proven to increase energy, improve your mood, control your weight, and help you reach your fitness goals. A Certified Nutrition Coach and nationally recognized Fitness Coach, Giovanni will help you develop a fitness plan that will meet your individual needs and goals. He will help to motivate and stimulate you toward success. He will be your Mentor, Coach, and Partner in Fitness!

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Source: http://giovanniroselli.com

Orenda Wellness

A lot of us really care aboutwhat we eat. It’s not only what we eat, but alsohow we eat that matters. Ayurveda, the science of life, teaches us how to eat. Chew your food thoroughly and eat at a moderate pace. Wait until the previous meal is digested before eating again. Once you’ve got an eating routine going, you’ll find that you’re hungry when it’s meal time and won’t crave snacks. If you’re upset, angry or crying, postpone eating until you feel better. Try your best not to eat in the car, while walking or even while standing. The body doesn’t want to multitask when you’re eating. Avoid distractions like eating in front of the TV, reading or working.

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Source: https://orendawellness.wordpress.com/tag/triathlon

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