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My Never Ending Journey To Self-Improvement And Self-Discovery

We make excuse why we cannot accomplish something instead of finding the one way to make it happen. I want to stop making excuses of why I shouldn’t do something or why I can’t do something and start doing it. If we make excuses we will never really get what we want. Yes, sometimes we don’t have the money to do something or maybe we don’t have the time. Life is too short to be spent thinking how great something could be or would be. Whether you are afraid to take that jump, try something new, or make that approach; whatever the fear may be you have to really think about it. If this is something you really want in your life, if it is a story you want to be able to tell; you have to overcome the fear. To make your life extraordinary though, you are going to have to take some chances. A lot of time though, if you go into life with the right attitude, things will turn out much better than expected. To live an extraordinary life, you can’t make ordinary decision.

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The Rumrunners Relay is an annual event, first run in 1985. It’s near and dear to my heart, as Julie and I got to know each other at the relay in 1994, and the rest is history. It’s not a true relay, but actually a series of separate races – like the Cabot Trail Relay, but a mini version, without the sleep deprivation! This was the first year in some time that a Cape Breton team has been entered in the relay. The team this year was made up of Karen Campbell, her sister Susan Campbell, Andreas Burger, Allan and Lisa MacKenzie, Julie Curwin, Joey Tetford, Dave Dalgliesh, the ever-stunning Vince Nicholson, and yours truly. I assure you, it was completely unintentional success. The only runner who won her leg was Julie, but I think everyone ran well. Susan was impressive just one week after a full marathon. Dave Dalgliesh made a frighteningly easy transition into the Barbarian role. The race is already full for 2012 but the Cape Breton Barbarians are in again.

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Please see our coaching services page for more details. Coaching is a natural fit, combining all her loves! She attendedthe USA Triathlon level 1 coaching program in Colorado Springs and is RRCA certified. Carrie has been coaching and educating athletes for over twenty years. He currently holds a degree in pulmonary/respiratory science and has been coaching junior/masters cyclists/triathletes for 3 years now. Coach Kyle Burnell Kyle has been competing in endurance sports since beginning his swimming career at the age of seven. He began his coaching career in 2008 working as a swim coach. The foundation of Kyle’s coaching philosophy revolves around open and consistent communication. This being true, Kyle is dedicated to working with athletes who will fit his coaching style and personality. The dedication Kyle displays in his coaching is matched in his own training and racing. Coach Tara Whiton Tara is a running coach and Certified Exercise Physiologist.

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Who ARE these people???

Add us to the sea of 40-somethings who feel the need to overshare about our triathlon obsession journey! Chris is an ER physician in an inner-city ER on the west side of Chicago. Quincy is a classically trained professional pilot currently in-between gigs moonlighting as a Stay At Home Mom to two adorable, brilliant, sometimes obnoxious little kids. Yeah, bring on the snark, we like that toobut what we really love, and are willing to actually talk about in public, is our love of endurance sports, and specifically, our love of triathlon. Did I mention there’s an Ironman coming up Oh please, calm down! If you’re a triathlete, or a couple, or a triathlete couple, or just someone trying to balance an aggressive approach to your busy life and your relationships, stick around. So good that I promise that we will do a candlelight reading of our most recent blog comments on our next date night. We’re all going on a date! This is going to be awesome!

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Laurie Rhinehart pictured with me after my very first triathlon in 2015. He got to know I was a stroke survivor and my vision behind wanting to participate in triathlons. With encouragement from the Idaho State University Speech and Language Program, I helped start a Stroke Recovery Support Program for stroke survivors. After about 18 months, I began working out, riding my bike short distances, and swimming. As my stamina slowly increased, I began to go on longer bike rides and swims. Copied from the American Stroke Association web page. In the years leading up to my stroke, I was busy; some would say too busy. The main reason I do the triathlons is very clear to me: To give stroke survivors hope. Since that day in October 2015, I repurposed my life to helping stroke survivors find meaning and hope for their lives. Each stroke survivor needs to find their own passion, something that motivates them to achieve more than they at first thought possible.

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