Push Hard Multisport News for 06-04-2018

I dare say I showed that lake who’s boss! I stuck to my plan of starting in the back, so as not to encounter the same terrifying situation as last year. If I had to do it again, I’d start more in the middle but overall-success! I didn’t have any scary moments, I felt good during the entire swim and I even remembered to use some of the great swim strategies Audrey showed me. I’m not ashamed to say I was one of those people, but I’m determined to beat that hill next year. I can’t lie, there was a solid 24 hours after the race when what was at the top of my mind was the fact that my time for this years tri was seven minutes longer than my time from last year. Two years ago I would have NEVER EVER EVER imagined myself completing a triathlon. Last Sunday, I was once again surrounded by more than 2,000 women of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes. If you looked around on Sunday, you would have seen a vastly different group of women. I think you see a group of women who are remarkably the same. A beautiful group of women who had surely been toiling over the same goal for weeks, months, maybe all year. A group of women who had the strength to start, and to keep on going.

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Discreet Triathlete

Completing my first triathlon in a few years last weekend highlighted my need to get more familiar and experienced swimming in open water. After a night of tending to my one year old between 3am and 5am, that I dragged myself out of bed at 5:45am and headed out the door to another race. I just don’t think it could have been any different to last weekend weather wise. Where it was hot and calm last week, yesterday was wet, cold and windy resulting in choppy oceans. I contemplated not going as I was entering on the day, but at the same time I realised my half-Ironman race could have conditions like this, so I powered on and committed. My swim was okay given the conditions, swimming into the chop and a strong current made it hard work but I felt good. My main struggle was trying to swallow water whenever I breathed as waves crashed into me. Any tips people might have greatly appreciated! The last 200m swimming to shore with the current and waves behind me was much better and I finished strong. Sadly I had to cough up a bit of water in the next kilometre and ran 4:17, coming home in 4:04 to run 20:04. This swimming and riding really is a great warm up to a running race!

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Leah, loudly

I’ve put my time in doing menial, occasionally degrading work and I just don’t want to do it any more. It’s summer time however, so now I wake up, realize I have nothing particularly pressing to do today; fall back asleep. 11:00 – around this time two or three times a week is actually a very fulfilling, challenging part of my day. The workers are always humble, respectful and earnest and I really enjoy hearing about their lives. Most work two full-time jobs here as they toil in the migrant-worker horse racing circuit, and send the money back home to Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Chile where they have large families and few opportunities. In the face of self-interest, it’s a great opportunity for me to practice my Spanish, albeit humbling at times when I can’t understand the Chilean guy, Hector. 1:00-1:30- time for my paying job! I walk a sweet but very slow-moving 14-year-old mutt for 20 minutes. 11:46- text sister asking her if I’m bothering her while she’s busy at work. Now, for most people this is an infuriatingly busy time to shop, but when you’re not in a rush, things bother you a lot less. 1:00-1:30- employment time! Old Shiloh does not look eager to see me.

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What is ‘Click & Collect’ ?

While we love seeing our customers in-store however, we know you all lead busy lives and may not have the time to stop in for a full fitting or to browze our range every time you are in the neighbourhood. You shop on-line in the normal way, browse our categories or Clearance sections, you can use the Search function using product names or descriptions. Confirm your order and pay in the usual manner using our secure PayPal link. You will have the choice to either have your order shipped out or Opt to Click & Collect. Click & Collect allows you to have your order picked and packed ready for you to collect from our store in Oranmore. Most items are in stock and orders will be ready within an hour for your convenience. Some clearance items will be in stock but stored off site. We will generally advise you on these and your order will be ready for next day collection. In all cases you will get a timely email notifying you of your order status. The BIG attraction of Click & Collect shopping is that your item is secured for you and you can avail of our fitting rooms and or gait analysis when you are in store to ensure the fit and function of your goods is what you want.

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