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The Seven Habits and Triathlon

In Habit 3, we saw that often it is a challenge to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent To be effective, we want to spend more of our time doing those things that are important but not urgent. With Weekly Planning, we plan out the week before it begins. At the end of each day, we take a few minutes to plan out the next. Finally, in order for any of this to work, we must have a Planning System that incorporates our Calendar, our Tasks, our Contacts and our Documents. She adds other important entries to her calendar Her Task List has everything that needs to be done, with a due date and a priority. Now that all the important items are in her Calendar or Task List, she can add other, less important ones. This is the way to be sure that the week is full of the most important things she can do, not only as a triathlete, but also in her other important roles. My planning system: My iPhone contains my Calendar, Contacts, Task List and some important Documents I may need. Instead of being at the mercy of all the stuff coming at you, you have planning habits and a system that support the attainment of your most important goals. If you think that you and those around you could be more effective if you were more proactive in the choices you make did a better job beginning with the end in mind and getting the most important things done contact me about bringing The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to your company or organization.

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Fat Triathlete

A woman in Trimom’s triathlon training group lives on Elkhart Lake, and offered to let anyone come and swim off her pier this morning as long as they did a buddy system. M- and C- have kids about our kids’ ages, and we all got out to the lake about 9:40 a.m. Trimom was feeling a little under the weather, and C- doesn’t do triathlons, so it was decided that M- and I would swim, and Trimom and C- would lifeguard. Swimming over half-a-mile would the longest I’ve ever swam, and definitely the longest in open water. I didn’t panic, even though part of me wanted to, and just kept breathing and swimming and looking, trying to stay frosty. I figured if this swim was somewhere in between six- and seven-tenths, and given how good I felt, I was not too far removed from being able to swim Olympic distance. Swimming along is one thing, but the transition out of the water, moving from a horizontal position to a standing one, suddenly having to support your body weight again, that can get you. We’re planning on going back next Sunday, when I’ll lifeguard and Trimom will swim. Despite the fact she wasn’t feeling well, she was jealous that I got to swim and she didn’t. That’s the nature of this triathlon nonsense; she was JEALOUS she didn’t get to swim ACROSS a LAKE. Even though she’s afraid of fish. Bear in mind, we did not swim in a perfectly straight line, so the distance was a little more than the.63 miles indicated.

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The Five Disciplines of Triathlon

Diversity of activities and cross training multiply the benefits while dividing the risks. Balance your strengths and weaknesses to become an athlete who trains, races and lives holistically. Psychologically, variety in triathlon training avoids the boredom of single activity training. You might wake early for a run or a spin, hit the pool at lunch, and strength train in the evening. The balance of training for three different activities allows an athlete to keep training at a time when a single-sport athlete might skip a workout. Training for triathlon opens up the mind for discovering other activities: Mountain biking, skiing, water sports, and even hiking challenge different muscles and skills while providing a nice mental and physical break from training defined purely by time, distance and effort. A good balanced training diet should provide vitamins and minerals but also vary from day to day to adapt to the difference in intensity and duration of a periodized training plan. Sleeping, sleeping well, deeply and uninterrupted is one of the most important parts of training, the ultimate recovery time. The successful triathlete eats right, limits alcohol intake, breaks away from TV and social media to allow time for training and sleep, and takes care of medical issues before they can interfere with training. Coach Phil Timothee trains all levels of triathletes with the goal of having his athletes cross the line with a smile on their face.

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Up Your Fit

Loading…. December 19, 2012 at 11:04 am Filed under Good Health, race stradegy, Running, triathlon and tagged: half marathon, marathon, pace, race pace, running race. Running a marathon or half marathon is a whole different beast than the 5K or 10K running race. The single most important run you can possibly do for training for a marathon or half marathon, is the LDR. It should truly be done in a slow to moderate pace, maybe slower than you’re used to running. Loading…. August 18, 2012 at 12:34 pm Filed under Good Health, race stradegy, Running, triathlon, Uncategorized and tagged: feet, running pain, running shoes. Yes, we have more cushion wearing the modern running shoes, and more protection from dangerous terrain. There are more running injuries than ever before. Once you get more comfortable with running barefoot, I urge you to begin diminishing your running shoe. Begin with shorter runs and progress at most 10% longer distances at a time to get more comfortable. Loading…. June 7, 2012 at 10:40 am Filed under beach body, Exercise, Fitness, ironman, race stradegy, Running, triathlon, Uncategorized and tagged: endurance, fast twitch muscle fibers, running faster, slow twitch muscles, workout regime. If running marathons doesn’t seem to work well for you, yet you can run extremely fast 200 meter sprints, you could be more of a fast-twitch guy/girl.

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