Push Hard Multisport News for 04-03-2018

Urban Triathlon

Coming into this weekend, I had raced over the previously 2 weekends and this was the final race of a 3 week race block. There again was a relaxed preparation coming into this race, like the previous 2 weekends of racing. Out for an easy 15min run, by this time, it was getting quite warm, no winter gear required and was a good guide as to what to expect for the race. The last training session before the race was complete and the body was feeling ready and raring to go and VERY relaxed. The first was, that there was good deal on offer for the Rocket Science Sports wet-suits for TAQ athletes until the end of August and the second being that the nature of the wet-suit design gave me some comfort that I would not have issues with the suit throughout the race. One of the other new ideas that I have embraced in preparing for a race is that the carbo-loading happens late afternoon rather than in the evening. Over my racing experienced I personally found if I have the carb meal too late in the evening I still find I am feeling bloated race morning. The Race day 5.40am bikes packed into the back of the Hilux and off to the race precinct. T1 time = 0m57s No stuffing round here! Run Leg:I have completed 12 Half Ironman race before this race and I would have to say that until now I have not been completely happy with a run leg….was this going to be my break through race or will it all fall in a heap again. In reflecting on the stats after the race I was so happy, the pacing throughout the race was consistent and I actually survived a race where I had no reference to gadgets….(HR and/or pace) I have turned a new page…. Throughout the run leg I felt good.

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Endurance Research Board

Since then Neal has raced in hundreds of endurance contests from cyclocross and snowshoe races, to marathons and Ironman triathlons. Neal competed internationally as a professional triathlete for 4 years, and was the top American finisher at the 2002 and 2003 ITU Winter Triathlon World Championships. Dr. Rosen has a very healthy approach to her training and racing. Kris athletic talents have won numerous state championships in road racing, time trials, criteriums, mountain bike cross country and cyclocross. Kris can be found on most weekends racing her bike locally or National Calendar races. As a level-3 certified cycling coach, she oversees the training and nutrition of cyclists ranging from Category 1 through 4 and masters level racers. Alex McDonald fills two roles for First Endurance both as a sponsored professional triathlete, and as a member of the First Endurance Research Board. After just three short years racing triathlon Alex burst onto the national elite age-group scene in 2006 as the US champion, age-group champion and 5th overall finisher at Ironman Wisconsin. Followed 6 weeks later by at top 6% finish at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI. In 2007 Alex was Ironman USA Champion; at Lake Placid, NY as well as the amateur world champion and 29th overall at the Ironman World Championship; in Kona, HI. In 2008, Alex’s second season as a member of the Timex Multisport team, and first year as a professional triathlete, was a building year where he continued to grow as an athlete and competitor finishing 8th overall at Ironman USA and punching his ticket to Kona as a first year pro. Matt raced Kona again in 2013 where he posted the fastest amateur run split of the day.

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Discreet Triathlete

50 weeks into my training and now just 10 days out from my half-Ironman race, I think I have finally got the balance right and found the rhythm to train and keep the rest of life moving. In the past three weeks I have completed 21 training sessions with my only days off been for pre-race and the day I gave plasma. Last weekend was a great example, she had her sister’s Hens Day and was out all day Saturday and stayed the night at her mum’s. I’ve actually done the bike session at night a few times now as my wife has started going to the gym some week nights so again, once the kids are in bed, it means no impact to her and I get a quality session in. I’ve started using her as an excuse to get a short 5-6km run in consistently as she needs the exercise and I can kill two birds with one stones. Occasionally I do have to sacrifice my run to take the kids with me but overall this has led to runs that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, or been able to extend a run that I had scheduled. For instance the Sunday prior to the Olympic Distance triathlon I had a 12km run that I was able to do and then swing by home, pick up Holly and pull out another 5km, giving my 17km in total. The other lesson has been to take any opportunity – twice in recent weeks I’ve had work or meetings pop up in my usual swim time meaning it looked like I would miss a swim that day. One of my plans for this year as I build back up towards a marathon focus for mid-year is to run into work one day a week. It requires some logistics planning to ensure I can leave my laptop at work, have the right running bag, locker at work to hang my suit in, collect everything the next day, but it has meant again some extra runs that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred.

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