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Elite triathlete Sheri Branum also helps others re-learn how to walk and run

When she was little, Sheri Zimmerer Branum was a nonstop bundle of energy. In high school she played soccer on the boys’ team, then went to Bowling Green where she was a central midfielder for four years. Every day she bounces from her jobs as an occupational therapist and high school soccer coach to training and competing as an elite age-group triathlete. Thirteen years after her first tri, she finds it unbelievable that she continues to excel and improve. Branum has been an occupational therapist for 21 years, treating patients who have suffered strokes and brain injuries, have heart ailments, and those with mobility-inhibiting diseases like Parkinson’s. That knowledge led Branum to change her eating habits about three years ago to fuel her long, active days. On most days she’s up before sunrise, doing some laundry and house cleanup before heading off for a swim, bike or run workout. Perhaps most impressive of all – and in spite of her busy schedule – Branum says she’s a better triathlete now than she was 10 years ago because of her improved cardiovascular fitness and technical skills in each sport. Branum had never done an open-water swim in the Caribbean until her Olympic-distance race in Mexico. The combination of belief and busyness has been a winning one for Branum, and triathlon has become her perfect passion.

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'No excuses' the mantra of blind Naperville triathlete

He doesn’t remember whether he heard it from a trainer, a guide or a well-wisher, but Naperville triathlete James M. Gilliard liked the slightly salty advice so much, he made it the address of his blog. A visit to nocrappyexcuses.com opens a portal on the 36-year-old Gilliard’s world as a man embarking on his eighth triathlon in spite of being legally blind. Gilliard lives on Naperville’s west side and works full-time in copayment processing and does part-time IT consulting for his own 15-year-old company. His condition only stoked his determination to excel, and Gilliard has made it his business to participate in triathlons in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. The freestyle swimming event is between 400 and 750 meters, and is followed by a 12-mile bicycle race and a 3.1-mile run. Luke Migalla keeps one hand on the shoulder of James M. Gilliard, guiding the legally blind Naperville resident during the running portion of the 2015 International Triathlon Union event in Chicago. Gilliard, 36, is preparing for the Aug. 28 Chicago Triathlon, during which Migalla will again serve as his guide. Gilliard and Migalla will then mount a tandem bike with Migalla in the front seat and Gilliard in the back. They will run side by side in the final portion of the triathlon.

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Source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/naperville-sun/crime/ct-nvs-naperville-blind-man-triathlon-st-0710-20160714-story.html

Hindman finds a busy balance with cross country, school and triathlons

The room belongs to Austin Hindman, a freshman on MU’s cross country team. While some cross country runners use bikes for cross-training, Hindman has a different purpose: triathlons. Hindman has been competing in triathlons since he raced in a junior competition when was 5 and guesses he has run over 100 of them in his lifetime. He credits his dad, Jeff Hindman, for fostering his passion for triathlons. The dedication showed in Hindman’s high-school accolades: nine-time Missouri State Champion, 2016-17 Gatorade Missouri Boys Track and Field Athlete of the Year, Missouri high school record holder in the 5k and 3200m, and 2016 International Triathlon Union Junior Championships Triathlon Champion. Hindman was busy from the moment he arrived in Columbia. On top of that, Hindman and Burns coordinate weekly and manage running schedules with Hindman’s swimming and biking workouts. Hindman began the season largely focused on triathlons, holding out of cross country races until he finished the junior championships triathlon in September. As the cross country team enters postseason, Hindman competes alongside his teammates. As Hindman continues to plug through cross country season, he still plans on pursuing triathlons after college, using many of MU’s resources to do so.

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