Push Hard Multisport News for 06-26-2018

DELTA Triathlon

Our sponsor, Navigon Financial Group, will be buying appetizers around 6:30 pm. Around 9 pm, many from the team will be heading over to the Lincoln Theater to see The Garland Mason Band and Ponderosa perform. Navigon Financial Group is providing complementary financial analysis for current team members. Prizes will be provided by Inside-Out Sports and DELTA Triathlon. Bring your folding chairs and join your teammates under the team tent at most races. Many thanks to Mike Wells of Wells Design Build and Bryan Rierson of Rierson Photography for a job well done. InMotion Orthotics – Custom Orthotics Athletic Edge Sports Massage – First hour at half hour price, then $10 off thereafter. DELTA Triathlon, cool videos, great advice, complete multisport calendar. Progressive Graphics, Seriously cool custom screen printing. Silver Dollar Design, Beautiful graphics and web design.

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What Men Hide

n.In the era of blogs and social networking, you might not think men havemany secrets anymore. Wehave a whole mess of undercoverbehavior you should know about. We Masturbate – a Lot.Yes, men think about sex, well, constantly, and that drives us to lengthsthat might surprise you. Maybe it’s inthe a.m., while you’re showering. Oreven while you’re asleep and we’restill up, watching TV in the next room(thanks, Cinemax!). This isn’t due toa flaw in our sex life; it’s just part ofour routine. Now excuse us while we do a shot ofwhiskey to reassert our masculinity. We’ll put on a tee shirt andsuddenly notice the start of a beerbelly. Or we’ll pull on those favoritejeans only to find a pair of newbornlove handles creeping over the top. It’s nearly enoughto cause a man to consider giving uphis daily bacon-and-cheese breakfastsandwich.

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Our Mission: Thinkbaby and Thinksport lead in the production of safe non-toxic solutions for babies to athletes. Our mission to educate the masses and supply everyone with safe consumer products has been shared amongst many mom’s, athletes and fitness aficionados. We do not hire doctors or celebrities to attempt to convince you that what we’re doing is important for you and the environment. Think Ambassador Inception: Over the years, requests have flooded our inboxes with safe product enthusiasts wanting to further connect with our company, our mission statement and the development of products. From this, the inception of Think Ambassadors was born. Person who exercises the power of judgment, conception or inference. Person concerned about toxic chemicals in products that they use. Uses Thinkbaby and Thinksport products and likes to tell the world about it!

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Maybe I NEED to eat more so I am not always thinking about food. With nearly 30 people coming in, to run together , in the dark its just fun. I love people watching, and yes, I people watch while I run. I am checking on form, looking at the cool light up gadgets attached to them, the different shoes, pronation & supination. Then I love looking at houses, and not really AT houses but IN houses. We run within a very nice neighborhood, big homes with big windows, lead to me staring in on how people live. So though I was exhausted all day, once the runners showed up, excitement filled me up, and gave me energy for tonights run. I will say this, once things were locked up, and I sat down in my car, exhaustion flooded me. Exhaustion floods me now, but I’m still excitedExcited for my runners racing this weekend. This is why happiness/excitement and exhaustion dont mix.

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Cebu Sports Blog

Actors Richard Guttierez and Jericho Rosales added glitter to the ballroom. XTERRA is one of the few events where more participants come from out-of-town than from Cebu. Judging from their faces that night, the visitors were awed: nowhere are they accorded as dazzling a Welcome Party as in Cebu. We took a 5-minute warm-up swim to acclimatize our bodies. SWIM. Luckily, the sea was calm; but the splashes and bumping of bodies were choppy. As swimmer after swimmer emerged, it was our turn. Swimming near the rope and buoys, that was where the most traffic was located. It wasn’t until halfway through our 500-meter distance when the swimmers had spread out that I felt more comfortable. I had always told myself that after the swim, my race was done-I can completely enjoy myself. Given Cebu’s mountainous terrain, it’s one of the most exhilarating activities.

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Kimball family blog

Birthday was a mixed bag great to see Brent’s family and mine at the huge milestone, but the kids were sick and I mean sick sick. Everett even managed to throw-up all over his cake! So bad so sad, the pain. This is a big deal it almost deserves a moment of silence. Brent’s almost done with his first year of residency!!! It’s been 7 months without a nanny! Crazy yes, recommended no, enjoying every minute, yes. I think I finally found one that can help three times a week. They eat a tub of vanilla yogurt a day and still hate eggs, but love sausage. Current project : building a booth for the kitchen table I will be sure to post the outcome. Brent and I trying to do a Triathlon in May I have swam twice and Brent’s training regularly, who will come in first I wonder. Brent and I met training for a triathalon, not bad it only took us 7 years to do another one.

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