Push Hard Multisport News for 06-15-2018

Triathlon Coach Details Robyn Wilham

Over 10 Years of experience in triathlon & cycling racing. Successfully coached over 40 athletes to Ironman finishes. Whether you are training for your first event or an old pro, I’d love to help you reach your goal. Injury prevention, nutrition & overall health are foundation to having peak performance, this is where I can help you; health & fitness are my passion. I work with busy executives who have limited training time as well as working moms who want to stay healthy & have fun. I have helped individuals who could not swim one lap complete an Ironman triathlon. If you have a dream, I’ll help you make it a goal you can achieve. Personalized coaching, individual swim lessons, run analysis and lifestyle coaching. For over 17 years I have successfully balanced working as a Registered Nurse, raising a family, training & racing triathlon, bicycle racing, coaching cross country, personal training, managing race teams, & living every day to it’s fullest. My background in the health & fitness industry fuels my desire to help others live healthier & happy lives.

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The Journey That Matters

In the past week I have read two different posts on Facebook about working out. Workout to get in shape, live a healthier life, or gain confidence. Do not work out to impress others, to get attention, or to be able to show off your body at the beach. A few years ago when I started working out, I did it because I was scrawny. As beach season started to approach my motivation change. Once my motivation changed to vanity, I could not keep up the determination and resilience I once had. This journey has shown me that the root of your motivation goes a long way. Look at everything you are doing in your life for where to work, to what you do, even to who you hang out with. I am not going to pretend I have made any kind of drastic change in my life, like dropping my life’s plan to go after my dreams, so I do not know if it will be worth it. Whether you are working out, choice a career, or going after anything else in your life make sure you are going after it for the right reasons. So go out into the world, take some risks, and capture your dreams!

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erikgib12 – Husband, Father, Triathlete, Traveller

For the GAME FACILITATOR/SUPPORT COMMITTEE:- kindly think of the games already. I am going to be the head of the game committee, the Gamemaster. I was already comfortable with the selection since I was very familiar with it though a part of me wanted to be come up with a new game which will be something unique and fun for the youth participants. I gave it a shot and typed celebrity games in the search button on YouTube and it showed me several results. I was ecstatic and amazed that it was actually a new game show here in the Philippines, all the while I thought this was a US based show. I enjoyed myself browsing and watching each posted game segments. I was impressed with all the creativity by the shows researchers and game developers since they were able to come up with really fun and unique games. Right then and there I decided that all the games will be patterned from it. During the discussion with the team, they mentioned I needed to come up with at least 3 games. The most number of the correct answer in 90 second wins this game.

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Swim. Bike. Run. 140.6 miles. Ready or not here it comes.

The slew of thoughts produced during a training session could be about triathlon, the post-training meal, how to eat while training Anything is fair game. I never gave much thought to what being a triathlete actually means. Being a triathlete means you suck it up and go run, because you know that in the end you will feel all the better for it. Triathletes make goals and are willing to do what it takes to achieve them. It isn’t enough for a triathlete to simply complete the swim/bike/run. In another sense, triathletes are notorious for eating anything and everything. Surrounded by other triathletes: It is a rare breed of person who considers swimming, biking, and running in one consecutive session a fun passtime. Training, eating, travelling, racing, celebrating after a solid race day EVERYTHING. A triathlete is only as good as the unified group of people surrounding him/her. All in all, the identity of a triathlete boils down to one word: crazy. I am proud to call myself, as well as those around me, real crazy triathletes.

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I Tri Training – Life Of A Mediocre Triathlete

We found some lovely bike paths near our hotel that I was able to use to get in my bike and run workouts while making final preps for this race. One for swim to bike and then a separate one for bike to run. The day before the race Herchel and I rode part of the bike course and I ran some of the run course. After the workouts we loaded the bikes onto our rack and headed out of town to Delaware State Park, home of T1 and the swim start. Post bike turn in we headed back to our hotel to relax the rest of the afternoon. A tornado had touched down in Delaware State Park but the bikes were all okay. Arriving at T1 I was body-marked and then I made a bee-line for my bike. After a quick T1 I was on the bike course with both my power meter working and my tires holding air. Yay for the small victories! The first half of the bike course seemed fast with a tailwind and flatter roads and I was passing people immediately. The second half of the bike seemed to be a bit more rolling hills and definitely more headwind but my power was staying steady.

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