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Time-Crunched Triathlon by Joe Beer, 9780719812637

Time-crunched Triathlon is a manual for life, which will help beginners and experienced triathletes maximize their investment, success and enjoyment in this most demanding of endurance sports. Those with hectic lives who want to enjoy triathlons must ensure that they train effectively. Participating in three sports means trying to be a jack-of-all trades, organizing a lot of equipment and trying to make sense of the huge wealth of training information available both off- and online. This no-nonsense guide provides real-life case studies, clear and simple explanations, and tips and tricks from successful triathletes. It debunks the theory that triathletes are super-beings and looks at the ways they manage training on top of a busy lifestyle. It also considers the usual challenges of weather, illness and injury, and how to be consistent even when you can’t follow a completely regimented routine 24/7. Perfect for any triathlete who wants to become more time-efficient, Joe Beer’s book forgoes the fluff and focuses on the ultimate training essentials.

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At FitState we understand the demands of today’s busy lives, our methodology is to help you and your families achieve a well-balanced, fitter, healthier lifestyle by incorporating regular exercise and healthy eating into your everyday lives. This can easily be achieved and maintained through making small realistic adjustments to your daily routine. We offer the motivation, inspiration and expert knowledge to equip you to make these changes. Whether you would prefer a more personalised approach through Personal Training to be done whenever, wherever suits you or through attending regular group classes we are here to help you make life-changing improvements to your lifestyle. It is now widely known that by regularly exercising and eating a healthy diet we reduce the risk of several life-threatening diseases, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and some cancers, exercise can dramatically prevent, treat and even cure many of these illnesses. Symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression also improved greatly through exercise.

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Gordo Byrn

I could supplement around the issue but I’ve made a choice to experience things more naturally. Take home point: if virility is a consideration then high training load will impair off-the-field performance. Strength training, particularly anabolic phases where I lift heavy on my legs, boost my recovery response, and sex drive. Cycling is the most dangerous thing I do and the statistics greatly under report the injuries that cyclists sustain. I denied the reality of cycling danger because I knew that I had to maintain high cycling volume to achieve my reason for living. Becoming a more polite, more cautious, cycling version of your current self. Daily running is more important than great run workouts. I’ve gone further by shifting most of my cycling volume to a full-suspension 29er and avoiding most highways. To stand out, you must become crafty at managing your total stress load. Injuries, divorce and lack of motivation are, at their root, a product of excessive stress. The best case study that I know is Molina’s race report from Ironman New Zealand.

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Triathlon – The Fucking Ultimate

I’ve spent the last few days at a sales meeting for a brand we are working with in Mammoth Ca and it was awesome. The reason I bring this up is because I am fortunate enough to work somewhere that I love. As I talk about quite a bit in the post How To Become The Fucking Ultimate we are all going to cease to exist one day. He said he took the safe route and worked a job that he didn’t love to support his family, which is admirable. Take 10 minutes and write down a list of what you’d really like to be doing for work. Find out what qualifications you need to work in a field or industry that truly gets your blood pumping and start getting it. We work 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year for a damn good majority of our lives. I have to drive home from SF and get a few hours of sleep before work tomorrow. Below is my list for today, I’m claiming I was The Fucking Ultimate me today, nice work self. Work out via Half Iron Man Routine – I did snowboard for 3 hours though, so although it’s not the same I’m going to count it as a solid workout since it was good for the legs.

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busy life

I was terrified my older son, The Bear, would be not-so-good at soccer. I’m pleased to report that both boys practice at their school, just down the street, and their coaches are respectful to start and end practice on time. It turns out, it’s a great time- I either play with my daughter, The Stowaway, on the playground, or I go for a run on the nearly half-mile dirt track around the soccer fields, or I chat with the other parents. Thankfully, our boys’ league seems to be filled with parents who want their kids to have fun while playing soccer. Even though The Bear is now playing in a more competitive division, the focus of playing soccer remains on developing skills and learning good sportsmanship. I’ve never been annoyed at other parents for out-of-order behavior at a game. I didn’t want my boys to get injured or burnt out by starting soccer so young. With a grateful heart, I can report that neither of my boys has been injured while playing soccer. My life doesn’t revolve solely around my children. I’ll say it again: I look forward to my boys’ soccer games.

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