Push Hard Multisport News for 06-11-2018

Look what the cat dragged in: Cat burglar’s two-year reign of terror

A neighbourhood despairing after a spate of thefts can now rest easy after the culprit was caught red-handed – it’s Mo the cat burglar. Mt Eden resident and cat owner Ed Williams was alarmed when his girlfriend came home one night to find women’s underwear at the foot of his bed. Stray underwear soon turned into a full outfit, and before Williams knew it he had a box full of clothes that wasn’t his. With suspicions high and the neighbourhood on edge after the thefts, Williams soon caught his moggy cat Mo in the act. We put two and two together that it was actually Mo bringing all the clothes over. During a two-year period, Mo had swiped up to five boxes’ worth of clothing from the neighbourhood. As the haul of underwear and other clothing items grew, it was time for Williams’ second public service announcement. Mo’s stash included Calvin Klein underwear, lingerie, as well as numerous T-shirts, pants, socks and undies. During Mo’s two-year terror of Mt Eden, residents have shown up to Williams’ door justifiably frustrated. Next time your pair of underwear goes missing, just ask for Mo..

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Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11983982

Silver Mikk Triathlete: Sportlyzer Year in Review

Facebook offers everybody to see his/her last year’s review – see the 20 most popular Facebook posts of 2013. Sportlyzer is an online training diary and management system. One year in a single view First I will show you the overview of my last year as it is shown in the yearplanner of the coach-view in Sportlyzer. You can see a week-per-week view of how much training was predicted, how much was planned and how much training was really done in that week. As you see, I trained really hard from February until May and than had my main season with many competitions before I started preparing for the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote in October, which was my main goal last year. After my last race I basically rested one full month and started training again in November. To show you some more of my biking Sportlyzer also offers also a table to show the amount of training per month. You can see a month-per-month total of training sessions. You can open each month to see how you did in each discipline individually. You can see how my training was divided between different weekdays and a peak on Sunday.

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Source: http://silvermikk.blogspot.com/2014/01/sportlyzer-year-in-review.html

Sponsors – Bron Cameron – Triathlete

I am very excited to be a part of the Glimmer Gear team as an Ambassador, as they have an ethos that aligns with my own. They are all about supporting the little guy, being there for the hard working, and coming through for those of us with busy lives who have no choice but to train in the dark. Glimmer Gear stocks products that are essential to any athlete training in the dark. My favourites at the moment are the LED Shoe Laces and the LED Wrist Bands. These products allow me to train in the dark, while being safe, and being seen by other people on the roads. For when I’m training with my faithful four-legged pal Jasper, they have the USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar Which if you ask him, makes him look super fancy. Among other things, Glimmer Gear also stocks a range of nutrition supplements, such as CLIF Energy Bars and Shot Bloks, and nuun Boost hydration tablets. Nutrition is a huge part of being an athlete, and it is extremely important that we have the best available to us. I am looking forward to testing out the Glimmer Gear nutrition range, along with many of their other products!

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Source: https://broncameron.wordpress.com/sponsors

Triathletes Journey: A “He said, She said” reporting on races and events

Webb: We arrived early at the race site to grab a preferred parking spot near the transition area. Luckily, race management was continuing an experiment where each wave sent off three competitors every ten seconds. Within a few minutes, the six hangers-on came racing up and fell in line between me the guys up front like we were doing a team time trial. So I grabbed a bottle and started to pour it into my handlebar-mounted water bottle, as I’ve done before in other races. All of a sudden my biggest race fears were realized as I found myself, seemingly for no reason, flying over the handle bars of my bike, diving head-first into the pavement. Finally an EMT convinced me to get in his van and go back to transition, since I had to accept that my race was over. My emotions regarding not finishing the race were overriding the clear physical problems that my body was trying to broadcast. A race official was there, ready to take my timing chip. The cab finally showed up, I climbed in, and we headed back to the race site. Me: Excuse me! I’m looking for my wife! Race Official: Are you number 595.

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Source: http://triathletesjourney.blogspot.com

Diane Lee – Racing, Reports & Results – Page 2 – #irongirl619 – Triathlon, Cyclocross, Swimming

Buying a wetsuit is certainly an investment, wetsuits come with a high price tag, here are a few tips to help you when considering a wetsuit. You need to have a decent standard before entering open water. I want to highlight that open water is dangerous and you do need to know what you are doing. 2nd – Consider your natural body position in the water, differences in buoyancy in the legs does matter. For example I am a swimmer and I do kick therefore I don’t feel I need significantly high buoyancy its great having buoyancy in the legs so I don’t have to work too hard but I also don’t need extra thick wetsuit legs to help me like some people. Males tend to need more buoyancy and people with a weak kick and low body fat percentage. 3rd – The fit when buying needs to be significantly tight, wetsuits will stretch as they are used and become more comfortable. 4th – Getting in the wetsuit correctly will allow you assess the fit properly. You do not want water filling the whole wetsuit as you swim. You need to be able to access the zip comfortably, zips that open from bottom to top are faster.

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Source: https://dianeleetriathlete.wordpress.com/page/2

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