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ConexUs Coaching: Life-Change Guidance

In a past life I was an educator, a mechanical engineer and a triathlete. I began working with people as a personal coach in 1992, many years before the introduction of Life Coaching. During this time I developed a Life-Coaching program that helps people become more effective in their daily lives. My intention is to empower people to take responsibility for their words and actions to have an easier and more fulfilling life. Becoming more aware is the direct experience of what’s happening right now. Another problem in relationships are unclear communications because having difficulty expressing feelings can cause confusion making life at home and work for more difficult. Full schedule becomes an excuse for not being able to handle the many decisions you are faced with each day. We cannot mindlessly go through life and try to make effective decisions which means it is necessary to know what’s happening at the moment is is happening. As you gain clarity of mind your true purpose in life becomes more clear to you. We are here to support you in gaining that clarity through becoming more mindful and aware in your daily life.

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My triathlon journey to Ironman Lake Placid

Troy rounded us up and we headed down to Mirror Lake. Coach Troy informed us that today we were going to be swimming 15 minutes down the lake focusing on technique instead of pace and then at 15 minutes we would turn around and come back trying to reach the start in less than 15 minutes. Now we had to take it up a notch and try to get back in less than 15 minutes. I increased my stroke rate just a bit, so that I knew I could maintain that the whole way back. Every so often I would bump it up a little from one buoy to the next and then slow back again for the next. I ended up having someone drafting me most of the way back, which turned out to be Rich one of the guys I had become friendly with in the camp. Rich ended up going past me and then I just followed him back in. Coach Troy dropped back a bit and ran with me for awhile and we chatted a bit. I headed back along the lake, but I only went as far as the Boat House since I added some extra distance on River Road. I finished in around 2:09 which is fine for a training run. My pace was 9:34 on the way out and 10:02 on the way back, mostly due to those hills.

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Angie’s Excellent Adventures

The past couple of months have gone a lot like this: RUN – EAT – WORK – EAT – SLEEP – EAT – RUN – EAT – WORK – you get the idea. My mid-week run was 9 miles this week, for the love. Enough about my running, running, and more running. There was an application process, so as soon as I read about the team I filled out the application and submitted it. Later, I came to learn that over 250 other women had applied for just a handful of positions on the team – Man, I wanted to yank back my application and put some real time into it, but too late for that. So I was not terribly surprised when, a few weeks ago, Meredith announced the 2015 team and my name was not on the list. There was something about the team, asking me to call her, I didn’t hear much after that. She told me that one of the ladies had to back out of the team because of family issues and that she hadn’t intended to fill her spot, but I was the 1st alternate and she re-read my application and knew she wanted me to be a part of the team. I am a member of the 2015 Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team! I might get a call to race in a local race to represent the team.

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Finish In Time! Quality coaching for endurance sports from the 5K Run to the Ironman

Who I Am. I’m a highly qualified triathlon coach and personal trainer with over 18 years experience. I have finished close to 50 races in the last 15 years, including four full-distance Ironman triathlons. I hold multiple degrees and certifications in the fields of exercise science, coaching and training. What I Do. I work with people of all age, conditioning, and experience levels to help them achieve their fitness and racing goals. I provide personal, one-on-one coaching to endurance athletes and develop specific training plans for athletes who want to compete in triathlon, running, and endurance swim events. I also help my clients improve their core fitness through core and strength training. I will create a detailed training plan customized to you and your goals, teach you the correct techniques to help you get the most out of your workouts and encourage/motivate you during regular coaching calls and emails. Whether you just want to start improving your fitness, or if you want to experience a full Ironman, I will apply my experience and education to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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