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Charles is a pharmacist licensed in New Brunswick with a passion for providing friendly, individualized service to each client. He has practiced as a pharmacist since graduating from the Dalhousie University College of Pharmacy in 1987 and has been a pharmacy owner since 1992 in Nova Scotia, Ontario and now New Brunswick. Charles is a member of Triathlon New Brunswick and in his spare time can be seen swimming, cycling or running in preparation for his next competition. Chelsea is a member of the Dalhousie College of Pharmacy’s graduating class of 2016 and is a licensed pharmacist in New Brunswick. She has a particular interest in mental health, addiction services, and in facilitating access to health services in rural areas of the province. Dave is a graduate of Dalhousie University College of Pharmacists. He has worked many years seving the public in small towns in both New Bunswick and Nova Scotia. He is currently employed at the The Corner Drug Store in Sackville New Brunswick. Dave has always had a passion for community service as is evidenced by his receiving the Wyeth Bowl of Hygeia Award in 2008. Over the years Dave has also aquired a passion for natural health products.

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Source: http://www.thecornerdrugstore.ca/our-staff.html

AHC Intercontinental Triathlon – AHC

On November 7th, AHC collaborated globally in a Triathlon over three continents. The team race was all in a day’s work and aimed to raise £500 for SFAC. Thomas Reeh kicked off the Triathlon in Melbourne, Australia, with a 1.9km swim. With a Skype call the baton was passed to the UK race where Sam Charles, Luc Clayton, Martin East, Ruth Januchowska and Stephen Nichols rode a 90km early morning cycle sprint. The race then finished as Diana Dukich in the US ran the final 21km stretch. Our International team effort was all in aid of SFAC, which stands for Substitute Families for Abandoned Children. AHC have supported SFAC for over 10 years, for their international efforts in supporting orphaned children in finding a better, harmonious quality of life with foster families. Sadly, this is not all in a day’s work, but over the years we have seen our fundraising touch the lives many children. With the help of your fundraising more can be done to improve the services available for these children, in these developing and emerging nations. To find out more about our fundraising visit our YouCaring page or visit the SFAC Charity website for other ways to get involved.

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Source: https://www.ahc.com/blog/social/ahc-intercontinental-triathlon

Jeremy Rielley Triathlete

Luckily the rain stopped around noon so I was able to walk to the store to get some food then go for my shake out run. Got to transition right at 6:10 and set up my spot which was really just putting my bike and helmet in transition since I needed my shoes for the first run of the day. The first few miles of the course was on some awful roads. For the first 10-15 miles I was riding on the left passing people and hoping the wind, and poor handling skills, would not send someone into me. Coming back into town for a few mile stretch was brutal with the wind. The last few miles we went over a few bridges and the downhill was scary for me because my headset somehow came loose so the wind and the speed of the downhill’s made handling basically impossible so I was just trying to hold steady and hope I didn’t crash. 1.1 miles to go meant I had like 7 minutes left and all I wanted to do was finish. About a half mile to go there was a little uphill and I tried to sneak past him but he saw me and pushed to re-pass me. 13.1 mile run: 1:25:45 6:33 min/mile 16th AG/87th overall. So one of the good things about the race is that I proved to myself I can pee while running.

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Source: https://140point6toglory.wordpress.com/2012/04

Wisty’s Tri Blog

I managed to compete in my first and second triathlons of the season, as well as an open water race. Buck Hurley is a small race, but one that offers a decent little prize purse. Had we been racing side-by-side, I would have tripped the guy and won. Due to some falling out with the Town of Kure Beach, the race took a one year hiatus, and returned this year a few miles up the road in Carolina Beach. The race features a unique format, which involves swimming 375 meters, running 1.5 miles, biking 12 miles, running 1.5 miles, and finishing with another 375 meter swim. A few months ago, I had already planned to be racing a tri on the same weekend. As the weekend drew closer, I realized I could probably still race the triathlon, but in the end I found it was more important to be with the Liston’s, and everyone else who loved Grey. As for the race itself, the conditions could not have been better. If your’e doing a race with any appreciable elevation gain, this is the best way to adapt and make yourself ready for race day. Heck, even if it’s a flat race, the ergometer mode can essentially program your body so that you settle into your pace without even thinking.

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