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The London Triathlon 2012

The benefits of driving down to the triathlon with supportive friends far outweighed the chances of failing a random drugs test and so I arrived at the cavernous temple of mass participation events that is the Excel Centre. So early I could have registered for the London Triathlon 2011 but decided to stick with the plan and collected my timing chip for that day’s race. The ‘World’s Largest Triathlon Expo’ was an unexciting collection of trainer and bike stands. Handy if you have come to the triathlon but forgotten your bike, I guess. Before leaving my house earlier in the day I foolishly read an account of last year’s London Triathlon written by a regular participant. I remembered exactly why I was standing in the Excel Centre with 84 training sessions behind me waiting to take part in the London Triathlon; because Mum was dead. I thought how excited she would be to see me take part in this event and how much I would love for her to have been there. Soon enough I found myself treading water and waiting for the sound of the off at the London Triathlon 2012. Holding my Ironman Triathlon watch clear of the water I pressed START as soon as I heard the signal and began to swim for my life. Especially those with very large bottoms or bellies, looked like they had started running, and I use the term loosely, the week before and would be there until the London Triathlon 2013. Others, wearing triathlon suits sporting names like Mitcham Missiles Tri Club, were more impressive as they elbowed the feeble aside, crushing both dreams and bones on their way to the 2 hour glory mark.

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Mile High Multisport

Courtney has competed in marathons, half marathons, long distance cycling events and triathlons of varying distances. Since 2011, Courtney has focused primarily on triathlon both as an athlete and as a coach. Courtney’s love for teaching and coaching has provided her amazing opportunities to work with organizations such as Girls On The Run, Pedaling for Parkinsons, MS 150 series, Team in Training- Rocky Mountain, The Bergen Schools, Evergreen Middle School and Evergreen Christian Outreach. Her dedication to helping others and her passion for the sport of triathlon have led her to amazing opportunities as a team member, coach, mentor, race director and top fundraiser for many of these organizations. Courtney’s main goal as a coach is to help her athletes reach their individual potential both physically and mentally in a successful, balanced and fun way. She hopes to help her athletes achieve a sense of personal satisfaction through hard work, consistency and commitment. Courtney’s coaching philosophy is based on her personal experience as an athlete, mother, wife and teacher. Her highest priority is to make sure every one of her athletes realize their fullest potential and to support them in this journey of self-discovery and athletic success. She focuses on a balance of life and how athletes can be successful in triathlon without feeling divided from other priorities in their life. Courtney’s ongoing experience with teaching, coaching and racing gives her an empathetic understanding of her athlete’s individual needs and concerns as they prepare for their race season.

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Eat|Sleep|Run|Repeat …………………… Contact…. LeroyFitnessCo@Gmail.com

Leroy Fitness Co provides personal training sessions to individuals and groups of people of all ages who want and need to improve their overall fitness and health. As founder of Leroy Fitness Co, I lead by example with my approach to training after having lost 21kg over the course of 6 months in 2014. I know what it is like to be overweight and I also know the feeling of becoming fit and completing 3 half marathons and my three sprint distance triathlons over three months. I have built my Personal Training business up to over 700 sessions in 2015 with clients continuously reaching results. Feedback from clients include experiencing better concentration and overall better energy for their busy lifestyles which includes juggling hectic careers, busy social and family lives. A couple of sessions each week keeps them on track with their fitness goals and accountable for their diet as they have learned through myself how to eat better and realise that’s it’s okay to have a treat here and there while not feeling guilty! I completed my Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and Personal training at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2014, and also completed a Kettle bell certification in 2015 with Iron Edge. I have completed other studies in business including a Bachelor of Business at Victoria University in 2004 and worked in roles including Revenue Management, Learning and Development, Finance Management and Sales. Eating a whole food diet with the right nutrition is the key to optimum health and weight management. It’s purely a focus on hard training and tips to eating right.

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Olympic triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee is relishing his return to top-flight racing after a testing time since winning gold last summer. Brownlee, who had an emergency operation to remove a swollen appendix a few months after his London 2012 triumph, competes at the Abu Dhabi triathlon this weekend. In Abu Dhabi, Brownlee will be racing over a different distance to his regular Olympic format, with a 100km bike ride – rather than the usual 40km – between the 1500m swim and 10km run. It is also much earlier in the calendar than he would usually race, but both those challenges suit his aims after such a high-pressure 12 months. Brownlee suffered a serious Achilles injury early last year and faced a race against time to get fit for the Olympics, competing only once in a World Series event before London. Usually I don’t like to race until the season reaches Europe in late May and early June, but I wanted to try something different this year. Brownlee’s following race will be the World Series event in San Diego in May, where he will begin his quest to win back his world championship title from younger brother Jonny. He is then planning to race in Madrid, Kitzbuehel, Hamburg and Stockholm before ending in London in September, hoping to avoid the injuries that have dogged him over the past couple of seasons. Brownlee, 24, spent some of January training in Altea in Spain rather than at home in Leeds. The winter has also seen a change in Brownlee’s domestic arrangements, with Jonny moving out of the house the brothers have shared for three years and into his own place.

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