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Gordon Ramsay is forced to withdraw from Ironman triathlon in Hawaii

Gordon Ramsay was pushed to his limit when he was forced to withdraw from the Ironman World Championships triathlon in Hawaii, which included a 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-mile bike leg and marathon run, after suffering severe dehydration on Saturday. The 48-year-old TV chef was physically sick during the bike ride section of the gruelling race and revealed he could not go any further in the challenge when he was forced to seek medical attention. Gordon completed the race, which is deemed ‘the world’s toughest’ of its kind, in 2013 in an incredible time of 14 hours. Despite being in tip-top shape, the top chef could not manage this particular branch of the famous race, where he was raising money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, as dehydration caused his body to ‘shut down’. The ailing competitor, who was a footballer before his food career, was seen throwing up and later took to his Facebook page to explain to his 4.6 million followers what had happened to make him withdraw. During my bike ride I threw up several times and wasn’t able to keep anything down, making me dehydrated. I thought I’d be able to push through the marathon, but my body just shut down. Thank you to the IRONMAN medical staff who assisted me as well as to the Hawai’i Police Department. I will be BACK !!!! Gx’. During Saturday’s triathlon Gordon kept his fans posted via his Facebook page as he filmed videos at various intervals – to much encouragement from his fans. Gordon has previously raced in 15 marathons, three ultra-marathons, three half-Ironmans and his previous Hawaiian triathlon.

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In the South Bay

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A document prepared at company level that specifies the who, what, when, and where of training to be conducted by the unit. This title is packed with expert advice on all aspects of training for, and completing the Ironman 70.3 challenge. Even though it is only half the total distance of a full Ironman event, it is anything but an ‘easy option’! Ironman 70.3 takes readers on a journey through the complete training schedule needed to prepare for this arduous athletic challenge. It includes detailed training plans and in-depth examples of core and heart-rate training techniques that can be used all year round. Dick has been doing triathlons for 27 years now and he doesn’t appear to have any plans on letting up on his training schedule. The Time-Crunched Triathlete presents a fast-paced triathlon training program that delivers competitive speed without the time demands of conventional approaches. Author Tom Rodgers has developed real-time software and training systems to measure the performance of astronauts aboard NASA’s International Space Station. The Perfect Distance puts that expertise to use in a step-by-step program of preparation and training for triathletes. There are sport-specific chapters as well as instruction on selecting equipment, making smart nutrition decisions, strength training, and overcoming injuries – accompanied by clear charts and tables throughout. Extensive appendixes featuring workouts for swim, bike, run, key training sessions, and indoor training make The Perfect Distance an authoritative, one-stop resource for novices and more seasoned trainers.

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Why Racing Events

Check out how much fun we have at Blue Lake!SWIM BIKE RUN. Join us for the 37th Annual Blue Lake Triathlon & MultiSport Festival and kick off the summer racing season. Sit around, have a drink, eat some food and share your racing stories while we wait for the results to be verified. Why Racing Events is proud to support High School sports programs and other non-profit organizations through this event and all the races and fundraisers on the Why Racing Events calendar each year. Others use an elastic racing strap that they pin their bib number to and then quickly strap it on before they leave for the run. We will take to the Why Racing office and you can contact us to locate. To register for multiple WHY Racing Events and save $$ please follow this link! As a customer service initiative, we do offer the ability to transfer your registration to next year’s event, another upcoming Why Racing Event that year or to transfer your registration to another participant. DEFER OR TRANSFER policy: If you are unable to race due to medical reasons or a simple change of schedule, athletes may defer their general race entry slot to the same race the following year, transfer to another Why Racing Event that year or transfer their entry to another athlete. If transferring from a race with a lower entry fee to race with a higher entry fee, the athlete will be required to pay the difference of these two race fees. Feel free to ask questions to the Why Racing Event Crew – they are there to help you! Once the race starts, rookie triathetes should start at the back or to the sides of the swim.

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