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Luckily, a friend of mine signed up for the half marathon too and had done an amazing job training. I didn’t want her to have to go alone and I decided 6 days before the event to go ahead and try to complete the 13.1 with minimal training. I did a run/walk method and I finished the event in 2:57:52. We signed up for the Jog 4 Jugs Half Marathon a few months ago and once again while training I got injured. I did no running or jogging from mid Feb to mid April due to intense shin pain and also back pain due to endo ????. I finally decided in April to try again and get back on track. I worked hard for those 4 weeks to build up some endurance again and make sure that I could finish this 13.1 as well. A week or two before the event, my friend Nikki and her husband biked the course for the race. The end of the race was the worst, straight up hill for 2.5 miles! I thought I had already passed the 3 hour mark and decided to power walk the last couple miles since I didn’t think I would reach my goal. With about 1.5 miles left to go I ran out of water & Nuun and I was feeling really bad. I sent a text to my friends at the finish letting them know that I was getting close and I was out of water To my surprise, a friend who came to watch and my friend Nikki met me with about a half mile to go with some water and my inhaler! They walked along side me for a little bit as I took some water, took a puff of my inhaler and decided I was able to finish this out with a solid run to the end. Whether it takes an hour and twenty minutes, two hours and fifty something minutes, or four hours Just doing it is amazing and something that I will always be proud of.

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How busy is too busy?

Everybody’s either sooo busy at work, or sooo busy training for a triathlon, or just sooo busy juggling this, that and launching a cupcake business on the side. Not only do we have to actually ‘do’ all this stuff, we need to find time to post a status update, tweet something witty and post an arty photo about it too. Busting busy mythsTony Crabbe, a business psychologist who’s worked with the likes of Disney, Microsoft and HSBC during his career, has just released his new book, Busy: How to Strive in a World of Too Much. In it, he examines how in our modern information and technology-overloaded world, we can often be guilty of making ourselves very busy – but less productive and effective in the process. After a lifetime of being the ‘scatterbrain who’s always late’, I decided to pull my socks up. Instead of being all over the place, with all my commitments, all the time, I would focus on one task at a time, only take on as much as I could comfortably manage, and not feel guilty about the occasional day or evening doing nothing. There will always be times in our lives when we’ll need to do things that aren’t that happy – cleaning up dog poop, or at the more serious end of the scale, coping with illness. For others, it might be a need to never let anybody down, be it friends, relatives, workmates or even gym class buddies. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious or wanting to be successful, and nothing wrong with striving to be a helpful and reliable, caring person. Learning to say ‘no’ occasionally can prevent us spreading ourselves too thin and burning out, which in turn leaves us happier in ourselves and more able to make others – be it our boss, colleagues or loved ones – happier too.

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Latina and Tri-ing

It’s been couple of weeks since Felipe and I finished our second 140.6 distance triathlon at Challenge Atlantic City at the Jersey Shore. Felipe, my family, and our awesome friends who came to support us at the race enjoyed spending time on the shore, people watching the many special characters on the boardwalk, and being true triathletes as we met pros including the power ironcouple, Rinny and T.O. It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many triathletes overlooking the jersey shore. The morning weather was great, the water looked calm, and the normal race jitters could be felt, but Felipe and I were so excited and enjoying the moment. Later found out that the buoy was moving because it was loose due to the current. We bike out together and start our 112 mile journey together. At about mile 10, Felipe goes off and tell him I’ll see him on the run. On my second loop, at about mile 70, pulled into special needs and again saw our Irontex jersey at a distance and couldn’t believe Felipe was there. We finally make it back to bike transition and we are so happy to see our friends at bike in! We head to the medical tent to get Felipe checked out and I’m hopeful that they can tell him he can continue on the run. He wasn’t giving up!!! We figured out what we needed to do to make it to the finish and I knew my speed walking would get us in, but wasn’t sure how Felipe would do. We knew we were close to the finish and pushed together! We crossed holding our Colombian flag and relieved to have made it! I am so proud of Felipe for his mental and physical strength! This was definitely an experience and a memorable race for us, but soooo blessed and happy we finished together.

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