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Planning For BTF Age Group Qualification for Triathlon Duathlon

At the same time I tend to train a lot and compete a little; so I fairly carefully plan HOW I am going to qualify, just in case. Couple of reasons: at the time of writing qualification is NOT quite complete; a sprint event is popular; a tri event is popular; an ETU event has a lower general standard; an ETU often has a lower standard of ‘best qualifier’. For many people, going up an AG makes it much easier to qualify. Take a look at the image on the right showing males trying to qualify for the European ETU. In reality if you are aged 35 to 55 then you will probably have to a achieve better time the qualifying time of 120% to get a rolldown place – EVEN TAKING INTO ACCOUNT PEOPLE WHO DROP OUT. Geneva is MUCH easier to get to than Edmonton and obviously any other future European event is going to be within ‘extended driving distance’. The winning Q1 times in the ETU qualifiers generally tend not to be as good as the ITU qualifiers. IE the qualifier’s winning time is much closer to yours. That’s the same situation for LOTS of people; so fractions of a percent make a difference and that sprint finish, whilst it might not gain you a place in the actual race, might just put you ahead of someone from the other 2 qualifying races for a rolldown slot. Others like me, leave it until the last minute because we’re a bit disorganised and don’t want to signal our intentions and run the risk of the qualifying race being full up and so unable to enter. Often it’s best to go for the first qualifier when it could be a bit colder or when people haven’t quite got their lives sorted out yet. Or think about your levels, maybe go for the last one if you need to boost your fitness to a realistic place beyond where it is now – so an end of season October duathlon qualifier rather than a february start of season qualifier.

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Sports: Triathlete thrives on outlegging the crowd

The quick glances, stares and double-take looks are as much a part of a triathlon course for Paul Martin as the transition areas, water stations and finish lines. Of 1,365 who completed the race, only four of whom competed in a physically challenged division, Martin finished 153rd. Martin, 34, was an accomplished athlete in his younger days, even trying to walk on to a Division I hockey team while attending the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Three years later, Martin retired from his job as a sales engineer to become a full-time athlete. Sunday’s age-group event at St. Anthony’s will be held at the more manageable distances of a.9-mile swim, 24.8-mile bike and 6.2-mile run, and Martin will arrive with some $25,000 worth of prosthetic limbs to tackle the course. Martin quickly attaches a prosthetic peg-like leg, which clips straight to the left pedal of his bicycle. Running is the most difficult portion of a triathlon for Martin, as the pressure on his back is most severe. So does competing against so many able-bodied triathletes, which appears to be the only route for Martin in triathlons right now. Martin said he is interested in helping change that, though he is plenty busy already. From the Times sports desk PrepsCougar caps career with third state crown Key losses hurt Wildcats’ chances Hernando doubles team meets match in semis Knights, Gators in title game Two named academic all-state Crusader duo’s run ends in semifinals Pirates rally to set up rematch with Tigers Five named academic all-state East Lake crushes Pinellas Park 13-2 Chiefs, Falcons reach final PHU, Countryside in title game Sports Etc.For golf, it was wonderful time Toms finds a different life at top Triathlete thrives on outlegging the crowd Legends go to wire for Derby Daily fishing report.

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Liverpool Triathlon Training week 4

Busy, Busy!! We have a family holiday coming up next week and the amount of organisation and planning involved you’d swear we were emigrating!! We are in fact heading south to Cornwall for a break from the norm. It’ll be our first family holiday and mine and the wife’s first holiday since our honeymoon, Mexico 2008. Not quite the same but we’ll sure make the best of it and enjoy every minute. Training wise it’s a full week of swimming with 2 open water swims booked either side of the holiday plus plenty of swimming in the onsite pool and maybe in the ocean although I’ve heard about the passing basking sharks, generally harmless to humans but still, seeing a fin sticking out of the water and considering these are the second largest living fish I don’t fancy that much at all. Week 4 as previous weeks I’ve struggled to fit my training in so same old story. I run a small photography business and have been pushing on with that for the last few weeks designing and creating a new website, making contacts and drumming up business. I was working on my Sports Photography on Wednesday night at the Seamons CC Championship 10 mile TT which I loved, great way to combine my hobbies and beats working for a living! Seeing these guys flying past one by one trying to catch them in my viewfinder really impresses me and motivates me to improve and become faster. The picture’s below are of Joe Lockett, the fastest junior on the night clocking a time of 24:29 averaging 24.51mph and below that the champion Charles Carraz with a 22:16 time which in average speed 26.95mph. I really look up to these guys, Charles for his speed and desire to win and Joe for the times he’s achieving at this age. When I was a junior I was into football and golf and never really that good although I did qualify for the PGA Junior Championships.

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