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Year in review: 2017 » PEDRO GOMES – Triathlete

As I’ve mentioned 2017 was a year of change, not just change of countries but also a year where I’ve spent most of the time on the road, traveling, and 90% of the time doing it solo. My best racing years always came from solid winter setups, either in the US or even when I was back in Portugal, and then a settled summer of racing, something that didn’t happen this year. I decided early in the year that Kona was not going to be a goal this year, way before even racing any Ironman, rather trying to pick races where I thought I could do well, even on the worst case scenario. With this in mind, my Ironman racing season compromised of Ironman Brazil, Ironman Cairns, Triatlon Vitoria-Gasteiz, Ironman Bolton, Ironman Maastritch and Ironman Argentina, and I guess the above premise was true for most of them: out of the 6 IM starts, I finished 4, always with a shuffle of things happening during the races itself. I do feel like the unsettled year reflected on all of them but that’s just how racing goes sometimes. See, no pity party needed, while racing itself was a bit short of the high bar I’ve set for myself, I still accomplished quite a lot and had enough on my mind to keep me busy. Well, race calendar is still uncertain as it’s going to depend on how December and January go in terms of training. Everyone knows I love to race, so besides Ironman races, I will be keen on supporting and racing local races in the GCC, not just triathlons but also single discipline ones. Apart from racing, launching the series #2 of triathlon videos on youtube will be a priority for January and February, as I still have a lot of share and help! I do have already a few videos made, just need to trim the edges and put it to one. Pedro Gomes is a professional triathlete made in Portugal, currently based in Dubai, UAE. He’s also a certified Ironman triathlon coach and a self proclaimed donut connoisseur.

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Why Racing Events

The quaint community of Vancouver WA will welcome you and your family with open arms and provide you with a racing experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. The Marathon will be a 2-Loop, spectator-friendly, flat & fast Boston Qualifying course highlighting the beauty of this community and offer an exciting racing experience with energetic water stations EVERY mile and plenty of entertainment to keep you engaged. The Sunset 5K will offer a shorter distance for our friends, family and others in the community who would like the opportunity to enjoy the racing experience. The APPLETREE Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K is partnering with The Historic Trust to highlight the hiistory of our beautiful community of Vancouver WA. Last, the APPLETREE is proud to support local school clubs/sports programs and other non-profit organizations through this event and all the races and fundraisers on the Why Racing Events calendar each year. To register for multiple WHY Racing Events and save $$ please follow this link! As a customer service initiative, we do offer the ability to transfer your registration to next year’s event, another upcoming Why Racing Event that year or to transfer your registration to another participant. DEFER OR TRANSFER policy: If you are unable to race due to medical reasons or a simple change of schedule, athletes may defer their general race entry slot to the same race the following year, transfer to another Why Racing Event that year or transfer their entry to another athlete. If transferring from a race with a higher entry fee to race with a lower entry fee, the athlete will receive no refund of the difference in the fees. If transferring from a race with a lower entry fee to race with a higher entry fee, the athlete will be required to pay the difference of these two race fees. One weekend of racing, 3 different medals you can take home!

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Triathlon – Debbie Moore Tris

To be in the lead by over 9 minutes off of the bike in an elite field, but having failed to fuel during the bike, meant I had to FIGHT for 13.3(hold on!) miles of hilly torture to hold off the other phenomenal girls, both mentally and physically! I joke about learning from every race I’m doing, considering I’m still relatively new to the sport, but since Noodles told me he would disown me if I mention any more mistakes, let’s just pretend I had a perfect race and came away with the win with ease and then he can stop reading here. High5 for fuelling me sufficiently before and after the race. At 3.36am on race morning, I woke up naturally. After my bike crash, my shoulder has still been bothering me and I wasn’t sure how creaky it would feel over the swim, and then being hunched over on the bike for 56+ miles. Where a national TT bike CHAMPION is an example of who overtook me. You have to remember there is a half marathon to do after the bike. I’d meant to take more water at the 2nd feed station, around 45miles in, but stupid me thought slowing to what 15mph for 5 seconds would affect my 9 minute lead. Massive lesson learned as with over 20mins left racing and no water/gels/food, I began to lag a little. At the end of lap 2, just before the finishing chute, the lead bike for the male race overtook me, followed closely by TWIGGY!!!! He passed me, tapped me on the butt with a HUGE smile on his face, and off he went down the finishing chute, high fiving kids and getting confetti thrown over him. My team mate just WON the entire race in a NEW COURSE RECORD!! I couldn’t let him down – I just HAD to go for the double! As the bike reared left so I got the limelight down the finishing chute, I slowed to a walk over the line, lifted the tape, bowed to the spectators and smiled to the photographers!

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