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velofix Announces 2017 Triathlon Team and “The Man” Dave Scott as Official Triathlon Coach

North America’s largest fleet of Mobile Bike Shops has added four Pro Triathletes and re-signed agreements with existing Triathlete Team for 2017. Velofix offers a premium, convenient service for triathletes and cyclists. The velofix service offering works perfectly with the busy lives of triathletes who are stretched for time between work, life and intense training schedules. Velofix is excited to announce the Team and proud to support their goals in 2017. Velofix Mobile Bike Shops provide professional mechanical services as well as all your Bike needs including Wheel Sets, Power Meters, Pedals, Aero Bars, Bike Computers and GU Nutrition. Founded with a passion for cycling, Mobile Bike Shop fleet velofix was launched in Vancouver in 2012 by Chris Guillemet, Boris Martin, and Davide Xausa, who all share that passion for cycling and the common belief that bicycles can help change the world. Velofix has also been featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, which resulted in Jim Treliving coming on board as an investor. Charles Chang of Lyra Growth Partners has also invested in velofix. Currently, 90 + Franchises have been sold in every major Canadian market and most major American markets. Velofix has plans to expand to a total of 150 franchises across North America in 2017.

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The team will train together from February to September of 2018 with regular weekly swims, bike, and run workouts. The growth of triathlon has led to an abundance of training programs for the amateur athlete, but group training options are few and far between for top athletes. Sharone Aharon, an internationally-known coach of world-class triathletes and the founder of Well-Fit Triathlon and Training, serves as head coach of the Well-Fit Elite Team. Coach Sharone recently served as an assistant coach with the USA Triathlon National team, where he experienced the value of the team concept first hand. Goals Dramatically improve team members’ race performances. Achieve top-level race results at selected team races. Attend two of three team races for the 2018 season Early 1/2IM race. Have fun! The SWAG. Team members have access to the Well-Fit Training Center, customized training program, free team uniform, planned social events, and additional discounts from our sponsors. Athletes include: full membership at the Well-Fit Training Center, day by day training program created by. Sharone Aharon on your own free Training Peaks premium account, four coached group workouts per week,one free team uniform and additional perks from sponsors.

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Maintaining a Healthy Triathlon-Life Balance

They have work and family commitments, and they often respect each as a priority over training and racing. The key to balancing life and triathlon is to ensure training and racing are integrated into the triathlete’s lifestyle and not just added to an already full calendar. Athletes should always ensure their triathlon plans reconcile with their availability and support of loved ones. Every training session should have a specific purpose and measured amount of intensity and duration. With the integration of data-driven technology, there’s a trend away from large volume training and a new focus on intensity. This approach to training will not only improve performance and lower injury risk, but it’s also much more feasible to fit into a busy schedule. The TriDot Training System uses algorithm-based technology to produce custom-built training plans that are optimized for each athlete. Achieving balance between triathlon and other priorities is possible and will yield a more enjoyable triathlon experience for all involved. A triathlon coach is a great resource to assist with this. Not only will a good coach help an athlete achieve their goals, but he or she will also ensure training reconciles with the athlete’s limitations and life demands.

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Source: https://www.active.com/triathlon/articles/maintaining-a-healthy-triathlon-life-balance

You’ve got goals to achieve and dreams to fulfil.

It’s all about YOU The secret to my approach is that rather then starting with a program and then trying to squeeze your life to fit the program, my difference starts with you. By starting there, I’m able to develop your program – your unique, customised program – that fits your life. No more guilt because you’ve had to miss sessions. No more excessive tiredness because you’ve trained too much or didn’t get enough sleep. Whether it’s a customised triathlon training program or trail running program, we join forces for 6 weeks to develop your 5km run speed or you join in the fun over at Sparta Chicks, we’ll work together to make your dreams a reality. I don’t stand there like a dictator and tell you what your training should look like. So we’ll work together to develop your program; one that fits into your busy life so you can achieve the goals you dream of. You will feel confident knowing that your program is practical and doable. Plus it allows us to make sure you can train consistently, keep your energy levels high while developing the speed, strength and fitness you need to achieve your dreams. If this sounds like the type of training you’ve been looking for, have a look at how we can work together or get in contact me with today.

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