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National Champion

I am a National Champion! I finished 1st in my age group & 3rd overall in the English National Triathlon Championships on Sunday. I finished 2nd in my age group in last year’s National Championships so I’m over the moon to have been able to move up one step on the podium. Being the 3rd best female triathlete in the country provides me with further determination to improve, especially when I look at both of their incredible swim times. Their times are even more impressive when you consider that the water temperature was at the minimum legal level for that distance. I only discovered this the next day because at the time my feet were so numb, I didn’t feel a thing. According to the transition times, I’m actually pretty good at this and that can only be attributed to my Yonda Wetsuit. If this is not the case, I can sometimes get nervous and sit on my brakes which loses valuable time. The course was quite busy due to the large number of entrants, which was added to by a group from a local cycling club! They hadn’t entered, but had decided to go out for their leisurely Sunday bike ride at the precise time and location of the triathlon. People are running for their lives but they still find the time to provide encouragement, tips or even an update on how far ahead someone might be! I love this about the sport. My success at the English National Championships has provided me with an excellent start to the season.

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Let’s not forget the wave of terrible music that brought us forgettable bands like Oniogo Boingo. 5) Teenage Fan Club, Bandwagonesque: The undisputed greatest Scottish rock band since Mogwai, their Bandwagonesque beat out Nirvana’s epic Nevermind album for the number one spot by Spin magazine in 1991, and deservedly so. 4) My Bloody Valentine, Loveless: The cover for this album about sums up what the sonic experience is. 3) A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory: This album can be viewed as a cultural artifact that links jazz and hip hop to the same cultural roots. Upon its release, the hip hop magazine,The Source, dubbed it an instant classic and gave it its coveted five mic rating. Not only are the lyrics unbelievably solid, but the samples used on this album-which would now cost a fortune to attain the rights for-are as varied and wonderful as the album itself. A Tribe Called Quest knows their music and is not afraid to steal, er, borrow from any source that adds to the music, and the samples do just that. The follow up to his controversial debut album, Let Love Rule, Mama Said contains the same gospely, funky earthy quality as Let Love Rule, but is not overpowered by Kravitz’s early musical influences. The fourth and final studio album by this Boston based neo-punk rock outfit is one for the ages. Lime Lizard’s Michael Bonner said that it was a strong contender for best album of the 20th century.

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IronStruckIronStruck For Triathletes

Athlete coffee drinkers should perk up as a daily dose of coffee is finally being recognized for it’s beneficial properties. Apparently there is good reason for athlete coffee drinkers to perk up as it seems their daily dose of Joe might not be such a bad thing after all. A WELCOME SURPRISE. This revelation came after a 20 year study of male and female athlete coffee drinkers and came as a complete and pleasant surprise to many coffee fanatics. There might be just as many benefits from drinking coffee as there are benefits of drinking water. Use good judgment and not over-do it as most likely even the coffee drinker who enjoys a single cup of coffee a day will feel a bit of an increase in alertness and energy. Caffeine seems to have its own beneficial effects; the diabetes studies found that those who drank regular coffee had lower risks of the disease than decaf drinkers. Caffeinated coffee drinking has also been linked with reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease, gallstones, cirrhosis and liver cancer. Adding a few cups of strong coffee to your early morning race-day ritual might actually be a very smart thing for athlete coffee drinkers. Some of the most popular coffee in the world is grown in Kona on the Big Island in Hawaii and you can have a look at them in the Kona Coffee Gallery below. If not, here’s your chance to check out the wide range of coffees and teas available from Kona Coffee.

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9 Books Every Triathlete Should Own

Between work, family and training, it’s hard to find time to do anything else these days – let alone read! Even a lifelong book worm like me – Hi, my name is Jen and I’m a bookaholic – struggles to find time to read. But every now and then you’ll come across a book that captures me. This generally happens with those books that inspire and challenge me. It’s been a few years since I’ve read this book. The book is really about transformation; both physical and at an emotional, spiritual and mental level. Even if you aren’t a fan of Macca, you’ll pick up a lot of insightful advice from his book. I highly recommend this book; it’s a great read! What I *really* love about this book is that it’s divided into 3 sections ~. for those athletes who love to cook, for athletes with some cooking experience, and – my favourite – the athlete who doesn’t cook! ????. What an extraordinary journey John Maclean’s life has taken. What is most extraordinary about John’s journey – and I hope he writes about it one day – is what comes after this book. If there was one book I’d give to every client who is new to triathlon and running, it would be this one. This fascinating book tells the story of childhood in Australia, his pursuit to become the World Champion as well as the terrifying moment he found himself swimming 1km out at sea when suddenly his heart rate shot up to 320 beats per minute.

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